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Of all the Vogues, French Vogue is my favorite. Why , you ask? Because only the French can come up with the most ‘WTF?’ photo shoots and make it look so damn chic! Click here for Exhibit A.  Exhibit B is above, because whilst the world is in an economic typhoon, someone at French Vogue thought it be funny to put up photos of jewelry on one person that is worth over 4.5 million EUROS. That’s like about  (to lazy to convert) 8 trillion american dollars, by the way, after inflation. Anyway, I do like this spread! FYI- I’m so insane about Vogue magazine that I used to collect every issue of American Vogue since August 1987. I stopped after a pile about 8 feet tall came crashing down on me on afternoon and almost killed Mr. Marmar! Eff that! Mr.Marmar was hissed off! He told me in cat speak ‘it’s either me or Vogue!’. And so, the Vogue magazines were dismembered and disposed of. Mr. Marmar made me do it!

marmar-headshot Mr. Marmar

photos: Models

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