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Artist Richard Saja takes toile ( you know, that wallpaper in your foofy nana’s bathroom) and adds mohawks, clown attire and anything extraordinary via needlepoint to those frolicking old-timey people. So, in honor of Fashion’s Night Out a few weeks ago (I know I’m sooooo late on this), Opening Ceremony and Keds teamed up with Richard Saja ( is he related to Sanjaya? because that would be really hawt.) to make toile Keds. Keds just got a total upgrade because last I remember, Keds were for square, preppy kids in the 90s. Basically, if you liked New Kids on the Block, you wore Keds (and no I wore Docs and clogs ( don’t laugh)). Anywho, I can deal with toile Keds- actually, I love love love toile so I gonna hunt these down and make a pair MINE! What a tangled web we weave!

photos: Opening Ceremony, Richard Saja

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The illustrious Hasty and Jacques Torres

Hasty Torres and me

Nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills lies a magical boutique selling everything chocolate! Madame Chocolat is an enchanted chocolate boutique owned and run by Hasty Torres, wife of chocolate wizard Jacques Torres. Each of Hasty’s chocolate creations are delectable and beautiful than the other. Coming in all shapes, sizes and flavors, chocolates are produced in small batches for every occasion and holiday. For Bastille Day, chocolate Eiffel Tower ranging from small to large were produced in honor of the French celebration. Solid or hollow chocolate high heels, handbags, sunglasses, watches, cigars, and almost everything in between are available for any sweet tooth. Not only are the shapes impressive, but the flavors are unique in its own. Over 21 variations of white, dark and milk chocolate, including a Grand Marnier-infused ganache, fresh raspberry ganache, champagne ganache (known as the ‘Champagne Kiss” *swoon*) exist in this lovely chocolate heaven. The extreme attention to detail of the packaging, the product itself, and the gorgeous French 16th century decor give even Fauchon and Lenotre a run for its money. Even the massive chandelier has the Madame Chocolat logo hanging throughout the chandelier.That’s damn exquisite, if you ask me.

Hasty was gracious to let us into her factory and showed us the process of making haute chocolate. The chocolate is constantly churning to keep from hardening and is ready for impromptu drizzles or a full-fledged production of bon-bons and truffles. Each chocolate takes at least two days to make! After sampling a bunch of chocolates, I left the store with a smile on my face, a sense of luxury( I was channeling Mr. Marmar) and a major sugar high. ( Not sure if that’s the best combo for driving-hahaha). Be sure to try some of your favorite childhood candies and cookies dipped in chocolate, like Cheerios, Oreos, Rice Krispies and of course, marshmallow s’mores. Madame Chocolat not only serves chocolates, but also ice cream, tea, coffee, iced drinks, croissants and cookies.  Custom orders are available and nationwide shipping is available. Be sure to say, Haaaaaaaay‘ to the lovely Hasty for me- she’s a doll!

photos: Moi and Fifi, Madame Chocolat


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This is the brilliant work of Andrea Kett who has designed for clients like Lulu Guinness. Pretty, dainty, humorous and wicked at the same time, Kett’s work is just what I need to hang throughout my home. Check out her Etsy shop if you want to order some prints for you or that special girly vixen in your life. I can’t stop looking at these. Each piece is equally gorgeous and glamorous beckoning to the 1950s! I wish I could just plaster my walls with all of them!

photos: Andrea Kett

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London boutique Antoni & Alison has some killer trompe l’oeil gear that would make Moschino proud. Their sweaters are all cashmere and run about $300-$350. I love trompe l’oeil because it looks like you have a real outfit on when really it’s just a shirt or sweater. I guess I could have been a mime in another lifetime …. or just lazy. Anyway, I may save my pennies for one of these, particularly the first photo of a Frenchy poster child. I’d wear that while buying a baguette. Check out their website for more cool stuff including some fupe art (my favorite!)

photos: Antoni & Alison

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Dior’s Fall 2009 Couture Collection echoed a better era for fashion (in my opinion)- The 1950s. In the 50s, clothes were more feminine and had a an innocent edge to it and impeccable quality that today’s mass produced clothes cannot compete with. Also the silhouette, was perfect for any body type. Luckily, with the few fashion houses that still create the dying art of couture, the spirit of the early decades can still be created with same grace as previous decades, only with a much higher price tag. In this collection, the undergarment was the repeated theme throughout. The hidden foundation is what makes the outfit sit well, but with true John Galliano misfit style, the foundation became the center of attention. How fitting.


HAPPY BASTILLE DAY!! Eat Cake and celebrate French independence from extravagant Royals! (Even though Marie Antoinette was true style icon!)

photos: Style, Befeedme

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Mise en page 1

These are photos from Les Echos, a French financial magazine. I think it’s funny it’s a financial magazine because the ‘outfit’ (and I use that term loosely since it’s like 1/3 of an outfit (at least in the first photo)) probably cost more than the severance pay for most laid off bank employees.  That being said, I would totally wear the above out and about town, feather and all. I love Gaultier! I especially loved his costumes for ‘The Cook , The Thief, The Wife and his Lover’. I still can’t find that DVD in the states! Was it that strange?? My favorite character in the movie was the blonde little boy washing dishes and singing orphanage music. 

photo: Diane Pernet

Obscure Horror

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healfashionlab-fall-2009-lobster healfashionlab-fall-2009-horse 10heal07

French fashion house, Heal Fashion Lab, designs immensely detailed clothes. Part futuristic, part animalistic, Heal captures the beauty in animals and interprets it into a space aged ensemble. Check out the Gorrilla coat- soooo cozy! Being from Rhode Island, that lobstah outfit is my fave!

Speaking of lobsters, I still don’t know how to cook a lobster humanely. Last time I got a live lobster to cook up, I befriended it and couldn’t eat him, …errr it. I let it walk from the kitchen floor to the living room . I watched TV with him. Then my husband ate him. 😦

Those tiny screams they let out when they are immersed in boiling water freaks me out. I heard that putting them in warm water and then slowly turning up the heat makes them release chemicals that can make you vomitotious once you eat them. So, now I just eat lobster in a restaurant- without the Meet and Greet and Eat!

photos: Heal fashion Lab

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