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Shoe designer Benoit Méléard has worked with Alexander McQueen, Jeremy Scott and Helmut Lang in the past. Next month, he will be releasing a line shoes fit for that any drag queen or working geisha. No. Only two of his shoes from the collection look like that. The rest are pretty much normal, except for a strangely placed strap or two- which reminds me of the time wear I had to use medical tape found in my car’s first aid kit to save a broken sole. It was white tape, so it looked so odd on one pair of shoe, so I had to put it on the other shoe to make it look uniform. Mending things the ghetto way is almost second nature to me. Take for example the time the handle of my purse broke and I used a paperclip to refasten it- (it broke again moments later). Just call me the MacGruber of Fashion.

Anywho, those wood circle heels could totally double as chopping boards…Choppin’ brocc-o-li!

photos: Style Bubble

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Rei Kawakubo was in rare form this season by designing pieces  for Comme des Garçon that you can actually wear on the street and not be mistaken for a hobo. Honestly, Rei has surprised me with this collection. Granted, when you look above there is all sorts of fupeness, but if you take it piece by piece, you may be able to actually wear it in public! The veiled models walked with Geisha inspired candy colored hair. My favorite is the trompe l’oiel military jacket. It reminds me of the Moschino trench coat from Kill Bill worn by Daryl Hannah. The nude, gossamer fabrics are quite gorgeous, too. Although the plaid blanket is going the hobo way- fight it , Rei!… fight the hobo look….

photos: Style

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British designer/ genius designed these Geisha platform shoes. These are cool only for photo shoots, anywhere else you would look silly. I had a pair of real Geisha platforms made for me in Kyoto, Japan during our honeymoon. They are super cool, but only for decoration purposes because they are so fragile. 

So, Chinese foot binding comes to mind when I see Geisha shoes… click here for some honest to gross photos of some lady whose foot has been bound since birth. She’s old now, but her feet are the size of a cigarette pack or an Ipod. She walks with a cane (I wonder why!) and her feet are shaped in the same form of her shoes that are pointy and have a wedge heel. It looks like she needs to dip her feet in Calgon and get a foot massage- STAT! 

photos: Newbury Diaries

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This was Heidi Klum’s costume for Halloween! It is awesome! I love when people dress up seriously for Halloween. It shows they have a sense of spirit that usually only a child would possess. Heidi always dresses up fiercely on Halloween , but I think this one takes the cake. I wonder if her kids saw her in that costume… a little macabre with the heads and limbs. This year I was a Geisha .  What were your costumes this year?

photos: Dlisted

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