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Check out this 2011 limited edition calendar,  SWANHÄLSINNEN BY TINA CASSATI. It’s total glamour , giraffe neck-style! Tina Cassati is a brilliant German photographer that I have written about in the past. So, if you’re still on the hunt for a killer calendar (besides the Persian Cats calendar, that I get every year), this maybe for you. Order one here for about 25 Euros. My favorite month has to be March with the purple honeycomb hat. So cool!!

photos: Tina Cassati

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German designerPatrick Mohr vomited out another collection worthy of the ‘WTF?’ label. I mean, this is pretty minimalistic compared to his last show. He might as well had his model call at the meth clinic next to the Port Authority on 8th Ave. Seriously, I’ve come across folks looking like this in the wee hours of the night on a Bonanza bus headed north. Usually, they start talking to themselves and then it becomes a one-man show like , The Vagina Monologues. Entertaining, actually. Anywho-(ha), I’m trying to focus on the clothes and not the makeup and it still spells F.U.G to me. Whoever’s financing this dude must be blind.

photos: dlisted

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And by stunning, I mean it will stop you in your tracks to the tune of , ‘WTF?”. Polish photographer Madame Peripetie is the master behind these masterpieces. Here is just a small sampling of her work. She has so many unusual photographs, that you may have to take the afternoon in your cubicle with these on. See more of Madame Peripetie’s work here.

PS- I love the ‘Cousin It’ reference. That’s how I usually each my sammich in the fifth photo.

Happy Bastille Day to all the Frenchies out there! Have a macaroon or two or three for moi!

photos: Madame Peripetie

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ashesandempires ashesandempires2 ashesempire1

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Spats have made a comeback thanks to the Steampunk trend. Here are my 2 favorite Spat makers, Ashes & Empires ( the gothy ones) and  German designer, Maide (the Victorian ones). Spats are a great way to cover your cankle or disguise your fugliest shoes. I dig that. I was doing some intense research ( I googled ‘spats’) and found that they are still worn in the military around the world. I also found that molten metal pourers wear spats to keep the hot, liquid metal off their feet. My intense research also found that Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon wore them, as well. With those three pieces of information, there’s a joke in there somewhere… I just can’t find it right now.

photos: Kingdom of Style / Haute Macabre

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So, I found these on a German website, I couldn’t get who designed these, but let’s pretend Satan designed these. Now, I wonder who’s fur is on there. Knowing Satan , it’s probably a cute, cuddly kitten like these

No, let’s not speculum, I mean speculate. These could belong to Narnia dude. So, who would wear these? I’ve compiled a list:

Sarah Pailin


Dick Cheney


The guy who invented taxes


Allen Gant Senior, Inventor of the Pantyhose


Health Insurance Companies in the US


Having said that , I wonder if they come in my size? Kidding! ….. or maybe not!


photo: NerdCore

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