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Check out these teabags from German company, Donkey. Each teabag comes with a fashion figure  soaking their crotches in your tea.The team includes:

Karl Lagerfeld (will he call you fat?)

Jean Paul Gaultier (probably pissing in your tea and finds it hilarious!)

Donatella Versace (does it taste like hairspray, tanning lotion and ciggies?)

Naomi Cambell (will she throw the lemon back at you?)

Kate Moss (She prefers lots of sugar).

There are so many jokes (mostly inappropriate- MY FAVORITE!) involved with these teabags that I’m going to step slowly away and let your dirty little minds take over. In case fashion figures are not your cup of tea (oh, yes- pun intended!), try the soccer legends teabags, pirates, animals, and even royalty!  Eight Euros will get you a pack of five, which can only mean that you have to double dip to get your money’s worth in American dollars. Check out the site for other stuff including Porn Confetti (because we all need Porn confetti) and this – which I still can’t figure out what you’re supposed to do with it. I mean, is it a candle or something??

photos: WOW

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Lacoste presents a collection of shoes by architect, Zaha Hadid. The shoes are crafted from Italian calf leather. “Wrapped around the foot, these shoes adapt in an ergonomic way to the shapes of the body” explains Zaha Hadid. Hadid has designed many  buildings and bridges, including a BMW plant in Germany. Anybody who does anything with BMW is good in my book. I like how these shoes have no laces or velcro. They’re like toddler shoes. I made the mistake of getting my son shoes with laces when he was 1.5- 2 years old. What a pain! I’ve wised up and got him velcro ones that he can put on by himself. I save about 30 minutes a day. Although, now I have to entertain him during that extra 30 minutes a day.

Limited edition of 850 pairs, exclusive to Colette starting July 20.

photos: Colette

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I came across this site and thought, ‘Oh, Hell no.’

Here is a t-shirt with faux arm pit hair and the panties to make the perfect German match. Why Germany, you say? On a trip to Germany during my youth, I distinctly remember women would roam the city in full on fur under the arms and legs. I still have this one image of this really pretty lady getting on the bus and lifting her arm to grab the handle and *gasp* , her pits had never seen a razor… then another fairly attractive lady had a short skirt with nude colored stockings only to reveal suffocating strands of hair on her leg.. not stuble…. but strands, I say.

I mean, I’m victim of the ‘I’m too lazy – it’s too cold out to shave- I’m gonna be wearing pants anyway- i’ve got my period, so fupe it’- excuses , but I think it was an everyday thing in Germany and it was fairly common. So, I thought it must run throughout Europe… 

On one of trips to France about 10 years ago, I thought, let me take advantage of this time to grow out all my hair, so I can wax it off when I get back to the states…. well, apparently, I was the one getting stares…. so I caved and shaved after 5 days…. 

photos: Miss & Lady’s Boutique

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