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Check out these photographs by Finnish artists Gilles et Dada! I’m digging the blurred vision theme. At first I thought I had low blood sugar again and grabbed some toffee. (Yes, I eat an old man’s candy – toffee.) But after a brief sugar high, I realized it’s the picture that’s not right…not me. Anywho, my favorite is the nose and mouth running away from that model’s face. That’s what happens to me I smell chocolate within a 100 feet radius. Kinda reminds me of that alien in Alien… Maybe not.  Imagine if you could erase your mouth or better  yet, other people’s mouth. That would be the invention of the century! It’s kinda like Hello Kitty, I guess. No mouth=no trouble. Check out Gilles et Dada’s site for more work and a shop selling t-shirts.

photos: Gilles et Dada

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