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Call your resident gimp because I just found the beautifullest winter ensemble- a head to toe knit mohawk suit! It’s by Sibling London and they also have the coolest knit sweaters that any serious punk rocker would swoon for. No seriously, I love these cool knitwear, especially the one with “PUNK” written like that Robert Indiana statue. This must be a Johnny Rotten sponsored show. Even though these are for men, I would totally wear it all “burning down the house” style…. except the girlfriend from hell sweater.. that would be completely inaccurate.

photos: Fashion 156

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I came across these fantastic design ideas that I thought would be a shame not to share with your ass.  My favorite is the first photo of the purple tables making an entire wall unit. It looks so whimsical and cute. And I bet you could find furniture like that at Sal’s Boutique. You would just have to saw down a few legs, paint it and bolt it to the wall. Actually, that sounds like a lot of effing work. Shoes are always a dilemma with me. At the moment, my shoes are on the floor of my walk-in closet, so they are vulnerable to cat vomit and piss ( The guilty is Miss Darcheen). I already found a pair of my Moschino kitten heels covered in an expelled hairball.  How ironic. Anyway, the hutch would solve that problem. That book night stand is perfect for Sarah Palin. Who reads books anyway?  I threw in a belt side table for all the gimps out there.


Miss Darcheen- The Guilty

photos: Outsapop

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a-good-spanking high-tea hovering-gimp in-suspense

British artist (it seems it’s always the British) Nancy Farmer has designed a series of greeting cards with Barbie doing normal things with gimps,whips, leather and latex. You know, like, hanging out listening to music with a gimp as a cocktail hostess. Or Barbie having afternoon tea on some chick’s back. Or like chaining and beating people up. You know the usual crap. I wonder what holiday or occasion these greeting cards would be perfect for…. how about “Happy Birthday ” to my overpaid Dominatrix? Or “A little thank you note for taking care of my gimp while I went away”. Or “how about a Tea Party?! You bring the the tea, I’ll bring the table.. and gimp”. It’s pretty endless! On a side note, I dig Barbie’s goth makeup.

PS- These are the more tame photos I posted.

photos: Trende de la Creme

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Dear Rodarte,

I suspect District 9 , Predator, and Swamp Thing were on your Netflix the week before you designed your Spring 2010 collection. Although both movies ( with the exception of Predator) are totally the bomb, the fashion was not, particularly, anything to replicate, let alone be a glimmer of inspiration. Looking at your collection,  I have an explained  urge to gymp ( not in the Pulp Fiction sense of the term, but in the  cheezy, tween craft sense of the term.) I’ll let you know if I have any extra weed whacking string to donate ’cause I’m cool like that.

Your pal,


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