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London-based designer Meadham Kirchhoff showed a candy goth-inspired look for Spring 2011. I’m really digging the colorful goth look- is that an oxymoron by the way?   If it is, I like it! The Victorian ruffles, the bright colors, the peter pan collars… awesome, fabulous, and fantastic. It’s like Wednesday Adams broke free from the deep, dark depressed look and dropped acid. No! Drugs are bad! Don’t do it, kids. But really, if Wednesday Adams visited  Willy Wonka’s factory and stuffed her face with banana Laffy Taffy, cotton candy and licorice – this is how she would look. A++ all the way.

photos: Style

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Spats have made a comeback thanks to the Steampunk trend. Here are my 2 favorite Spat makers, Ashes & Empires ( the gothy ones) and  German designer, Maide (the Victorian ones). Spats are a great way to cover your cankle or disguise your fugliest shoes. I dig that. I was doing some intense research ( I googled ‘spats’) and found that they are still worn in the military around the world. I also found that molten metal pourers wear spats to keep the hot, liquid metal off their feet. My intense research also found that Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon wore them, as well. With those three pieces of information, there’s a joke in there somewhere… I just can’t find it right now.

photos: Kingdom of Style / Haute Macabre

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Gareth Pugh’s Spring 2010 collection was not rainbows,glitter,sunshine and happy things like that. It was dreary, morbid, witchy, gothic, and COOL! I’m not usually a big fan of death and the stuff surrounding death , but this collection had an element of texture, futuristic inspirations and grey. Grey and black work well together, in my opinion. Grey sort of breaks up the morbidity of black and reveals a chic piece. That is why the grey and black striped dress in the second photo is my favorite! It’s like Morticia gone Bergdorf’s! The ear feathers are definitely like Bjork here.  Love it!

PS- that dude above is hating this, right now.

photos: Style

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