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Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 collection unveiled some fantastic shoes that belong on a steampunk robo-chick! I would wear this around town with a brown, leather bomber jacket and these goggles below. By around town, I mean dropping my kid off at school, the post office, food shopping, and the gyn(that’s not me). I ‘d even lend the five lens goggles to my gyn during the exam because ‘hospitality’ is my middle name!  Anyway, the DIY (gob’ment cheese version– mmmm, cheese) version of the eyewear can be made with the bottom photo as a guide. Just glue gun a bunch of metal you find at the bottom of your kitchen drawer to a pair of glasses. Then pray you don’t poke your cats as you give then a sweet nuzzle. It could turn into a bloody nuzzle.



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Prada for me is either a hit or complete miss. I think my favorite collection was the Spring 2008 with all the fairies and stuff. This season, is okay, not really anything to write about ( yet , I’m still writing – go figure). The only interesting thing in the whole collection was the ‘chandelier ‘ skirt which, seriously, looks like a light fixture  at West Elm. And the shoes are totally DIY with a glue gun, loose chandelier crystals (or maybe acrylic!) and stripper shoes. Wait… I think already made those shoes in the late ’90s. So, with the power of ‘save draft’- I checked my closet for those shoes and apparently, I donated them to Sal’s years ago! Somewhere, in North Providence, RI  , some chick has the government cheese version of  this season’s Prada chandelier shoes! Hilarious.

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