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Artist Patrizio di Renzo work is a beautiful sight of the haute couture of the 1980s coming to life. It’s like Dynasty had a baby with a mime from the Venetian (or Spy vs. Spy) and it created a Japanese Grace Jones! STELLAR! Anyway, I would totally wear these black and white outfits here. It would be like Where’s Waldo. So, Serge Lutens did a Shiseido ad campaign back in the 1980s. Do you think Patrizio took inspiration from this? Check out the sickle on her finger! She ready to cut a b*tch up! I want that.

photos: Fashion 156

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chocolate_grace_jones_01 chocolate_grace_jones_02 chocolate_grace_jones_07chocolate_grace_jones_11chocolate_grace_jones_09

This is a cannibal’s nightmare! Seriously, you think you’re gonna eat Grace Jones and all you get is chocolate! But, on the other hand, it’s a chocolate lover’s dream and if you’re a Grace Jones fan and a chocolate lover- well, it may feel weird eating her head. So, this was for her album cover for ‘Hurricane’. I thought Grace Jones disappeared into suburbia, but she has actually been around- we just never paid attention. I loved her in ‘A View to A Kill’! She was a Bond girl not to tangle with, but Bond didn’t give an eff! Classic film with, of course, the great Duran Duran doing the theme song. Here are her outrageous costumes from her recent shows. I wonder what happened to all the chocolate? I hope it didn’t end up at TJ Maxx in the gourmet gifts section.

PS- I see Chocolate feet one photo- NOOOOOOOO!

gracejonesopenpost12 spl116460_007spl116460_015

photos: Mashkulture , Dlisted

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Swedish designer,  Emilie Steele, showed a magnificent knitwear show called ‘Towers and Pinnacles’ last month. I tried to find out about her , but my stalking skills have waned since I bore my son. Anyneedtoquititwithfacebook,  her collection was actually cool especially, the dress in front that’s shaped like a house. I like that. It’s like the only house I could afford! I would wear it all the time and say ‘wanna see my house’ and twirl around. People would think ‘awww, she’s being cute’, but that would REALLY be my house because I’m THAT broke. Those shoulder pads at the end look dangerous. That’s something Naomi Campbell would wear- because it’s dangerous. Or better yet, Grace Jones!

photos: Emilie Steele

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