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Valentine’s Day is here and I thought I’d share some cool Valentine’s picks I found on Etsy. I love those old-timey Valentine’s cards with the cute woodland creatures and such wishing so and so a Happy Valentine’s Day. Do you think creatures know what Valentine’s is? In my world, they do. The miniature house that looks like a pink unicorn barfed glitter upon it is especially cute. I would get that to house my be@rbricks. You can never do wrong with Marie Antoinette gift tags/cards! The cupcakes are also from Esty- I had no idea you could sell food on Etsy. Maybe I should start selling breastmilk on Etsy. Or cheese made from breastmilk. That’s really artisan and local if you ask me. And lastly, heart-shaped crayons for your little one! (or big one!) They also do other shapes of crayons worth looking into.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day filled with chocolates, flowers, cuddly bears, cats, more chocolates, champagne, sex, chocolate, and a terrible romantic comedy.

photos: Etsy

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a-good-spanking high-tea hovering-gimp in-suspense

British artist (it seems it’s always the British) Nancy Farmer has designed a series of greeting cards with Barbie doing normal things with gimps,whips, leather and latex. You know, like, hanging out listening to music with a gimp as a cocktail hostess. Or Barbie having afternoon tea on some chick’s back. Or like chaining and beating people up. You know the usual crap. I wonder what holiday or occasion these greeting cards would be perfect for…. how about “Happy Birthday ” to my overpaid Dominatrix? Or “A little thank you note for taking care of my gimp while I went away”. Or “how about a Tea Party?! You bring the the tea, I’ll bring the table.. and gimp”. It’s pretty endless! On a side note, I dig Barbie’s goth makeup.

PS- These are the more tame photos I posted.

photos: Trende de la Creme

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