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So, one day I was sucked into the internet vortex and found these photos buried deep after I clicked on links of links of links. I’m kinda glad because look what I brought home! I feel like a kitty that just caught a mouse and plopped it at the front door, all bloody and everything. Aren’t you proud, my dear readers!? Just nod your head.  Anyway, where to begin?

1- Gold Gun Handbag- Sort of like the pimp staple, “ the goldfish in the platform shoes“. Just wondering if  the purse actually stores anything else and can the gun come out and be used, hmmm?. These are the important questions, people!

2-Tanning Stencil- I already think tanning is so “Jersey Shore”, so this is truly awful. I expect to see this on exotic dancers at Mons Venus in Tampa, Florida in the very near future.

3-Birdcage dress- Ummm… I wouldn’t put a birdcage  there. My cats could totally jump up that far, especially my fiesty cat, Miss Coco.

4-The Flasher dress- It’s like,  for the high-end flasher because it opens like a pretty present. Except, I’m guessing this dude would wear this in real life and not a fashion model.

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photos: Artsy Spot

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