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Soap Weapons promises to wash the blood away with this gun-shaped soap. It has a coconut smell and comes in a real, hard shell gun case. Seriously, this would be a wonderful gift to myself. I could go back to my preschool days and pretend in the shower that I’m in a tropical island shootout  in a James Bond movie. (Okay, it was only the other day.)Anyway, this is perfect for that gun aficionado or that one person who can’t handle an actual gun because they are clinically insane… or both. I want one.

photos: Soap Weapons

* thanks Andrea Kett!

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Franziska Dierschke designed this digital camera gun called Aimat, which is clearly GENIUS! So, I have a small obsession with guns.. okay, HUGE , so naturally this is on my wish list. But Franziska (I totally think of a fraulein like this, by the way) is just teasing us because it’s only a prototype. If I had this, I would go on random ‘shooting’, because I’m evil. I would just capture the horror on people’s faces… or the ‘WTF?’ face on those thinking it’s a toy gun. Here are some photos of gun-inspired stuff. My fave? the porcelain gun that matches the tea set- elegant, yet deadly! Yessssssss!


photos: Troxel

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Here are some cool umbrellas I came across … the first 2 are from Jean Paul Gaultier, The third photo is a collection by lingerie designer, Chantal Thomass . The Fourth photo is some dumbass in Asia that wants to be hands free for what ever reason and the last photo is my personal favorite, The gun umbrella by Alex Wooley. The gun fills with rain water so you can have a water fight on the street with whoever bumps into your umbrella. I like that. 


photos: Design Boom

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Madonna wore these Chanel shoes recently at an event. They are from the 2009 Cruise Collection. This goes in the Fish bowl platform category. I dig them, but there’s something off about it…..I can’t put my finger on it… but it does remind me of this lighter gun I picked up at Patricia Field’s about 6-7 years ago. It’s pink and covered in hot pink rhinestones… I don’t smoke , but I picked it up for photoshoot prop purposes. Going back to the shoes, I think they would be awesome if they were hot pink with rhinestones! But that’s the inner Liberace in me…. Imagine if someone wanted to beat you down, you could take off your shoe and point! But, then you really couldn’t run away….bummer,  that’s a catch 22 . That crazy Karl!


photo: Dlisted

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