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Canada-based Monster Kookies on Etsy sells these charming monster brain muffins, cakes, dental cufflinks, and industrial hearts. I think the industrial heart is pretty killer for that special Valentine. It’s like a robot heart! The dental cufflinks are pretty grody unless you’re a dentist and want to scare small children. Although, it’s not as creepy as these. I can really appreciate the details in the monster brains- all the bloody glaze and all. And the peppermint earrings are great, but beware of small children ripping them off your ears for a tasty delight! Check out  Monster Kookies for more cool stuff.

photos: Monster Kookies

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Here are the latest clever and pretty artwork from Andrea Kett. Glamorous ghouls, candy, jewels, cakes, and a few bloody limbs here and there make for  fantastic Halloween decor. I love the tongue-in-cheek humor in all of Kett’s work. “Sorry to hear you’re feeling rotten” -hhahahahaha! That’s something Hannibal Lector would say- polite, with a tinge of manic. The colorful costumes and pouty killer ladies make it even better.  Click here to see my past post of Kett’s work.Visit her Etsy shop for more artwork  available in three sizes. Fabulous!

Happy Halloween!!! My most favorite holiday ever!! Make sure the treats keep coming and the tricks keep their STDs to themselves! Hahaha- the only day where you can take candy from strangers. Not right…. but oh sospecial!!



photos: Andrea Kett

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recreating a Bjork look!

Princess Leia... yes, that's a bathrobe.

Padme wiglet

mini Bjork Buns

Single ballet-style bun


A little box of greatness was sitting at my doorstep again the other day. Yes, a box of hairstuff by the illustrious Tressa the Hairdressa!!! This time it was Princess Leia buns, Bjork buns, a Padme bun and a Dragonfly hairclip that were sent! I love these buns because it has a net underneath that allows you to just put your hair up and then place the buns over your own hair. It’s really fuss-free and you don’t have to have hair down to your butt to do it. Win-Win, dahhhling. Anyway, the Bjork buns are my favorite because I used to wear Bjork buns in high school. Except I had to use like a trillion bobby pins to keep it up. The upside was that I always had a bobby pin for any occasion, like picking a lock or something. Check out the Dragonfly hairclip made of hair! That’s pretty killer! And for all the Star Wars fanatics, the Princess Leia buns and Padme bun is puuuurrrrrfect for your next Comic-Con adventure or just any occasion involving geeks. Check out Puppycatmeow’s etsy shop for her new creations!

photos: booboo, fifi

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Artist Meryl Smith made this doggie bag that would make Paris Hilton squeal and a dog shiver. This dog looks pretty realistic and creepy, especially if you see if from far away, say, in a restaurant. It could totally pass for one of those stuffed carcasses. That being said, I would buy one just for the creep out factor. Check out Meryl’s blog for more unusual art, including her Halloween dress that is still making me barf. Check out her take on football. Love it!

dsc03454 dsc03446

photo: WOW

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picture-435 picture-528 picture-345

This is some very gruesome couture by British menswear designer Katie Eary for her Spring 2010 collection. If someone wore this on October 31, I’d think they are the bomb! But if they wore this on November 1, I’d think they’re a lunatic. Why are my eyes drawn to the fur? Fur on a man is like heels on a baby– not right!  You have to appreciate that it’s anatomically correct (I assume). Sort of like this be@rbrick. If Chewbacca were a pimp , this Gold Ghetto Chewbacca would be beyond perfect. Check out Katie’s website- I actually love the union jack trousers and the British guard look. Hawt!

Tomorrow is my most favorite holiday ever! Why? Because it’s the only day in the year where no one points, stares or laughs at me! Sooooo………Happy Halloween!


photos: Fashion indie, photobucket

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max_et_les_maxi_monstres2_10 gap-garance-dore_collants_14 mini_karl_27 bape_eames_panton_haloween_28

Check out the window in colette (if you are lucky to be in Paris) next week (Oct. 11-17)  for a special window display of  Where The Wild Things Are directed by Spike Jonze . There you will find specially designed jewelry, sneakers and other stuff ,including Be@rbricks for this classic movie!

New this month are crazy stockings that Pipi Longstocking would fawn over.

Italian artist Simone Legno designs a ‘Mini-Karl’ by Tokidoki for your Karl Lagerfeld shrine. (I know you have one.)

A Bathing Ape ‘s version of the famous Eames chairs ( in bright camouflage) and  the Be@rbrick give homage to master Verner Panton.

The new Halloween Be@rbrick, in black, orange, and  glow-in-the-dark with a ‘Trick or Treat’! And an Original Fake Halloween T-shirt for all you Trickers!

photos: colette

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Rosie Kent and Liria Pristine are the fashion duo called PristineSmut. Yes, I know. It’s a glorious name! Their newest collection revolves around knit jewelry and a stegosaurus -at least that’s what I gather from these photos. This reptilian-inspired collection is perfectly in tune for Halloween. I would totally throw one of those stegosaurian back jewelry (like in the first photo) on my 4 year old for Halloween and call it a day! The finger gloves are crucial for nail biters. Although, I would totally wear those while weeding the garden.  In any case, PristineSmut has some very interesting jewelry. Personally, if it doesn’t sparkle, it’s not jewelry.

PS. This dude’s waiting for 4:20 to come.

photos: Dazed Digital

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