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Australian shop Lark is exactly the kind of store I LOVE! It’s filled with unique, cutesy, girly, vintage items that are destined to become heirlooms. ( I could be a little dramatic, right now because no one right is gonna use 40 year old soap.) Anyway, here’s a run down of everything I loved in their online store:

1. Fun Fact: I collect cuckoo clocks and gnomes. (That probably explains everything.) Anywho, these cuckoo clocks are extra-special because they’re FELT! Awesome is an understatement. But I predict it would be covered in cat hair by day 3 at my house. Even more FUN!

2. Deer soap- So vintage-y and Bambi-like. LOVE  it so much that I probably would never use it. Woe is me.

3. A Diner lunchbox/handbag- It’s a 1950s partaaay!

4.A pigtail kit- Because it’s a dire necessity in any girl’s life. I ordered two.

5. Vintage Dinner Placemat- Excellent way to remember which side the silverware goes. Also, an excellent way to serve food without dishes…. maybe not.

6.An owl purse- My Goldfrapp obsession continues…

7. Felt deer’s head- Brilliant!!!! No deers died for that, but the felt felt something.(Gong! Wait one more.. almost done….)

8.Teacup gift wrap- But, of course!

Okay, you can use the hook now.

photos: Lark

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Artist Meryl Smith made this doggie bag that would make Paris Hilton squeal and a dog shiver. This dog looks pretty realistic and creepy, especially if you see if from far away, say, in a restaurant. It could totally pass for one of those stuffed carcasses. That being said, I would buy one just for the creep out factor. Check out Meryl’s blog for more unusual art, including her Halloween dress that is still making me barf. Check out her take on football. Love it!

dsc03454 dsc03446

photo: WOW

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foundling foundling2 foundling4

It looks like designer James Piatt went ahead and made a handbag that scares the hell out of me. Okay, so this is a handbag of a ‘abandoned’ baby with interchangeable ankle tags that each represent a celebrity baby. At fist look, I thought the mouth was a baby crying , but I guess it’s a binky? And the square hunchback on the baby is unsettling. Moving on, here is a run down of the celebrity ankle tags:

-A pack of cigarettes for Britney Spear’s kids

-A water well for Baby Jessica

-An open window for Michael Jackson’s son, Prince Michael II

-An airplane for Charles Lindbergh, Jr.

Here are my suggestions for Piatt if he wants to expand the tag collection:

– An octopus for the OctoMom

-A globe for Angelina Jolie’s kids

-A spaceship for Suri Cruise

-A Kabbalah string for Madonna’s kids

A pair of mink eyelashes for Jennifer Lopez’s  kids

The more I look at this handbag, the more I want to hide and pull the sheets over my face. Click here to see more of James Piatt’s fupe purses including a ‘cat on a stick’.

photos: Trend de La Creme

**Simply Spray/Teacups & Couture Giveaway Contest**

The person with the most  retweets (twitter)  of  ANY of my posts (see green retweet button below) between now and September 4 (midnight PST) wins a 6-pack of Simply Spray Black Upholstery Spray. That’s enough to cover the fugliest couch that ever was!

How can I tell who retweeted my posts? Because I’m a hot bitch that knows all. No, because I can see it on the retweet thingy. Once the winner is determined, I will tweet you a message for an address on September 6. I will also announce the winner on September 7th on this blog.

So, start retweeting my posts- for the love of an un-fug couch.

Bonne Chance!

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dsc02916 dsc02917 dsc02920 dsc02918 6bda9df4-s1 dsc02928 dsc02926

Is that weird? So, walking around Comic-Con was great for me because I got some great fashion tips from the Dolls of Comic-Con. These are some adorable dolls that make me excited, but some creeped out. (Especially, if you have a room full of dolls staring at you !) I have one of those rooms so I’m totally used to it! Anyway, these dolls are from Toffee and The Valley of the Dolls (Pullip dolls). I need to get that deer head purse! It just screams, ‘Avant-guarde’ or ‘psychotic’!

photos: Me!

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Belgium born, Natalia Brilli, must have watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom one too many times. She designed a hard case purse in the shape of a skull (let’s pretend it’s a monkey) that opens like those chilled monkey brains in the Palace in the Indy movie. Everyone remembers that scene. The eyeball soup, the chilled monkey brains, the child emperor. Click here if you don’t what the eff I’m talking about. Okay! Let’s think of rainbows and waterfalls and fairies and glitter, now!  Surprisingly, what’s more bizarre is the pineapple. Maybe she was making a statement with ‘abundance and quality’. Pineapples are a symbol of abundance and quality in Italian culture. Or maybe she’s a fan of Dole.  In any case, these are purses that will break the ice at any party.

photos: Natalia Brilli

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Marjan Petrovski, designer for Empire 33, has incorporated swords into his rich, leather handbags. You may choose West with an American Civil War sword or East with a Japanese Katana sword. I love when weaponry is incorporated into fashion. The only thing missing is the actual blade. It would have been cool if you could press a button and the blade would whip out, sort of like those automatic umbrellas that I find so fascinating. Then you could walk around like you own everyone. Until someone trumps you with a gun. Then you retract your blade and what the meek walk.

photos: empire 33

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35cm-hermes-croco-birkin-black crocodile

File this under EFFED UP. (I just did).  Hermès is experiencing ‘Massive demands’ for their Fugly hag bags called the ‘Birkin’. Apparently, they make 3,000 crocodile bags per year.  It  takes 3-4 crocodiles to make one hideous Hermès bag. That’s a lot of damn crocodiles.  Some foolios pay up to  $48,410 a bag. So, Hermès has started breeding more crocodiles at a farm in Australia to continue the Fug Birkin legacy and keep up with demand. (Someone’s going to Hell- first class, of course) I don’t know what the obsession is with animal hide, especially exotic ones. Is it the subconscious telling you that you must carry an exotic, dangerous animal hide to make you look powerful, like in a tribal way? Something tells me that 60 year old lady didn’t wrestle the crocodile to make that handbag. She bought it- Like The Emperor’s new clothes. I think the crocodiles can appreciate the fact that they are going to be eye candy in the after life- at least the gay ones. (‘ I’m gonna be a Birkin one day!’)- I’m kidding – save your emails…

photos: The CUT, Animal Danger

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