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Do you ever wonder what other Icelandic people are like besides Bjork? Like is she really odd or is she just Icelandic? You know what I mean?

Based on this seal blanket, Bjork is just Icelandic.( But, we still love her)

For $400 , the wool mess above can be yours. Vík Prjónsdóttir designed this body blanket based on an old Icelandic Myth called  ‘The Sealpelt’ . I skimmed through the myth and  well, blah , blah, blah, later – it’s about a seal and fisherman and a naked shivering woman with like 7 children, etc, etc.  Click here if you care.  Save yourself $380 and get a Snuggie.

But luckily, this led me to a cool website specializing in Icelandic products called Birkiland. I particularly like the handbag below from Hidden Goods. I actually have a bathroom rug like that. Maybe I can turn into a handbag when I get sick of it as a rug. 



photos: Birkiland

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