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Maison Martin Margiela designed these limited edition GLASS heels and are selling them, not in pairs, but per piece for $1,300 each or $2,600 for the pair. Basically, you’re paying a month of your mortgage to risk never walking again. Seriously, if you wore these, you’d have to stay on carpet or prepare for a bloody mess! I do think these are ornamental, but what a tease! You have Cinderella’s shoes and you can’t even wear the b*tch’s shoes. WTF? I’d be pissed. I wonder if you can drink champagne out of them. See! I finally found a use for these useless objects! But I think I’d rather get this:

lerituel__opt1 Christian Louboutin/Piper Heidsieck’s Le Rituel

photos: Fashion indie, Perez Hilton

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34fzepz pradanails

Ummmmm. I don’t even know what to say. Let’s start with the shoes. Obviously, the heel is what makes our eyes burn in terror. That’s sort of a hot idea to put a lady’s statue as the heel, but whoever thought this particular lady was hot , must have gotten lost in translation OR they find pregnant aliens with stubby legs and droopy boobs ultra-hot. On to the next specimen….first off, as you may already know… I hate feet! (except my son’s). So, this is beyond for me. I’m sorry …. I can’t. At least go all out  like this.

photos: fashin

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These are so gorgeous! Except, they are not wearable because they are  all made completely from paper.  That takes a great deal of talent to make these creations. The best I can do is make a lousy boat. I also can make those Fortune Teller paper games. I used to play that constantly when I was a kid… I was trying to get my fortune and see how the hell I would end up. And so , here I am…still wondering what my fortune will be and how the hell I will end up. Some things never change.

Check out  Ndeur  Le Creativ Sweatshop for more cool paper art.

img_7741 img_73491 img_7385 blue03

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photos: Ndeur

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2491-1-l 2567-1-l 2669-1-l 2489-1-l

Here are Irregular Choice‘s latest shoe collection. Here’s the breakdown:

First- yes (although, I would feel like a Redbull commercial)

Second- yes-  because it’s so ‘Snap!, Pow!, Kaboom!’ comic book style!

Third- YES, PLEASE because I would look like a Victorian that shredded a Dandy’s dress shirt for her shoes! Not very lady like! Love it!

Fourth- A firm, Hell to the NO! It looks like a Chewbacca paw. A Wookiee should not be a fashion example.

Be sure to check out Irregular Choice’s brand new cool website and their flagship store in New York City! Good times!

photos: Irregular Choice

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alexander-mcqueen 090605-chaussures-architecturales_aspx68160imagelarge celine1 giuseppe-zanotti

These shoes are anything but usual. Imagine the engineering that went into creating these shoes. One has a missing a piece, the other is teetering precariously, another has a chunk missing. Really? They should get the design team of these shoes on to design airplanes and skyscrapers and like, other stuff. My fave out of the bunch is the first photo with black stalactites growing from the boots. That is some kyptonite looking boots. I think Alexander McQueen designed those.  The rest I could do without.

photos: The Lipstick Diaries

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Check out these shoes! Freakshow! My personal fave is the second one in, I like how the heel dangles with no purpose. But I also like the green one , because there’s no heel and it looks like some kind of  Lance Burton magic trick.  When I was a young and naive Roxy, I used to go to NYC on a weekly basis for auditions and modeling jobs. I would wear the highest platform heels (thanks to Ginger Spice) on the bus, subway, etc. My mom would leave frantic messages on my phone like , ‘You went to NYC in those heels again! ‘ . She thought I would be alone and I’d trip and fall and hit my head and get amnesia,forget her and become a crack addict at the Port Authority. Possible, but not likely. Gotta love moms. 

photos: style and saks fifth avenue

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Barneys NY and Christian Louboutin teamed up to make these incredibly heinous high heel. What’s even more awful is the price tag at $1,000.  This looks like something  my preschooler son would make during arts and crafts at school. On the flip side, the shoes below are awesome!


These are a limited edition Christian Louboutin  Marie- Antoinette heels  with French embroidery house, Lesage. They cost $6,295 and yes, could pay for a mortgage or two  or three…..I love the head on the strap- how ironic… It just needs a red blood stain around the neck! And the ship…..awesome! By the way, I had a custom Marie-Antoinette skirt made for me  by the talented LilliaRose on Etsy. Check it out here. Bloody neck and all! Twolia also has a craft store. Check that out as well!


photos: Fashion indie

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Check out these heels from Alexander McQueen! They are the barefoot heel from his Spring 2009 collection. I think these awesome! However, I don’t like feet. But I guess these are an exception since they are mine. SO, if someone else were wearing these, I would totally become disgusted. But, if I were wearing these, I’d be fine and dandy. As you may already know, the only feet I like are my son’s. Everyone else’s is just nasty to me. I have a pair of Vivienne Westwood‘s Anglomania shoes that have the molded toes, but not in great detail with the nails , etc. . I have to say , I grabbed them when I thought my house was catching on fire…..They’re that awesome. That being said- I’m gonna be looking for these….

photo: Fashion indie

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Fabuless Fashionista’s blog featured the strangest shoes ever and here are just a few. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find each shoes designer ( That may be a good thing -considering some are heinous), but here they are anyway. The first photo are painful looking and I hate feet (except for my kid’s feet) , so that just gross.I just don’t like the toes and in between the toes, etc.. and Yes, I have a problem.  The second photo are “dog shoes”! I first looked at it and thought Narnia! Or Sarah Palin house slippers. The third photo looks like a sea urchin and could be of great use in a back alley brawl. The glass slipper is pretty cool, but imagine if it shatters on your foot. ouch…. And the last photo , is just fupe. It looks like you could poach eggs in it if you wanted. 

photos: Fabuless Fashionista

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Irregular Choice is one of my favorite shoe designers, I have several pairs of Irregular Choice shoes in my shoe collection. One of them is what I call my ‘camel toe heels’. I know, WTF is a ‘camel toe heel’?! Well, this masterpiece has a round toe but with a dent between the big toe and second toe, kinda like those Japanese socks. Click here if you have no idea what I mean. By the way, I can’t  not think of the song, ‘Cameltoe‘ from ‘Fannypack’. If you haven’t heard it, make sure you’re near a toilet when you do because you’ll piss yourself laughing. Anycameltoe, Blythe  teamed up with Irregular Choice to make a series of shoes with the wide-eyed doll featured on the shoe. I love it, but then again I love Dolls. I threw in an Emma Belle sweater for Irregular Choice. It has food like hamburgers, carrots and pizza on it. mmmm…

photos: Irregular Choice

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