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Check out these adorable heels from Streetzie’s High Heel Bunny Slippers ! It’s like wearing a stuffed bunny on your feet. It’s like wearing bunny slippers, but only high heel. It’s like having a furry friend cuddle your toes. You get the idea… They come in 4 colors of powder blue, black , white and of course, PINK! I had to order a pair to go with my hello kitty ensembles (because you can never have enough pinky cuteness). They are actually very comfy and the heels aren’t hoochie high, so that’s good. And no bunnies were harmed in making these, although somewhere a 3 year old girl is weeping about her beheaded stuffed bunnies. So, if you see a crazy lady in a hello kitty skirt, unicorn necklace, bows in in her hair and pink bunny high heel slippers chances are it’s me. Be sure to say hi.

photos: Streetzie’s High Heel Bunny Slippers

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Heavens!! The Hello Kitty Carnival came to town (Santa Monica, CA) and naturally, I dropped everything and went. Seriously, I was turning Japanese by taking photos of every single detail. Here are a sliver of all the photos I took. It was like Sanrio exploded and each glitter turned into a damn carnival game. It was like the smoke became artwork with it’s own booth. It’s was like Twin Little Stars fluttered from the heavens and said, “Make mine a 99”. It was like…  I’ll stop there. But you get what I mean.

Anyway, there was a mini-golf, ferris wheel, carnival booths, artwork from famous artists, like Joe Ledbetter, a Hello Kitty pop-up shop (with a 2 hour wait to get in) and loads of food trucks, and yummy desserts. Pretty much what I expect in heaven when I kick the bucket. I hope God is taking notes.

Anywho, I wore a vintage mohair cape from Scotland, powder blue Hunter boots, Vivienne Westwood handbag, Benetton argyle knit skirt, and house ring by We Wear. My hair was an unfortunate experiment with my hot curlers- never again.

photos: Moi

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Go ahead and cut yourself for a good cause (Note to cutters: DON’T DO IT , MAN!) because Cynthia Rowley has designed this really chic band-aids where proceeds go to Design Ignites Change. I went through a phase where I wore band-aids as a fashion statement. No, I wasn’t a toddler.. it was only a few years ago, sadly. But, I wore leopard, Barbie, Hello Kitty, bacon (!) band aids so it’s not all bad. The sequined band-aid has captured my heart, as well as the jewel band-aids (naturally, in pink). Those could have been  a part of Tom Binns collection a while back, actually. These run $10, by the way.

photos: James St. James WOW

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Check out these photographs by Finnish artists Gilles et Dada! I’m digging the blurred vision theme. At first I thought I had low blood sugar again and grabbed some toffee. (Yes, I eat an old man’s candy – toffee.) But after a brief sugar high, I realized it’s the picture that’s not right…not me. Anywho, my favorite is the nose and mouth running away from that model’s face. That’s what happens to me I smell chocolate within a 100 feet radius. Kinda reminds me of that alien in Alien… Maybe not.  Imagine if you could erase your mouth or better  yet, other people’s mouth. That would be the invention of the century! It’s kinda like Hello Kitty, I guess. No mouth=no trouble. Check out Gilles et Dada’s site for more work and a shop selling t-shirts.

photos: Gilles et Dada

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I love love love Pandas. They’re furry, they’re cuddly, they’re cute and yes, they are super violent when provoked ( like this panda) ! I mean, they are a breed of bears. If you love pandas as much as I do, then you’ll flip over this new line of super-soft shirts, stuffed toys and stationary called Lil’ panda. It’s like a Hello Kitty, but a chill panda instead of a cat. Pandas have a special place in my heart. I think it’s their tubby stature and heavy eye makeup that appeals to me. Logically, Beth Ditto should appeal to me, but amazingly doesn’t. Remind me not to write every thought that crosses my brain. Anyway, check out  lil’ panda‘s site full of cute pandas and stuff!

photos: Felix, lil’ panda

*Thanks Lil’Panda for the goodies!

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Here are a few Hello Kitty stuff that maybe your dream or your nightmare depending on who you are. Hello Kitty Wine and Hello Kitty Anatomy. Let’s start with the Skeletal Hello Kitty: I was wondering why Hello Kitty has no mouth but has teeth. Take a minute to ponder this. I have already put that as my screensaver, creeping out my 4 year old. The Hello Kitty Wine is something I can appreciate but can’t really enjoy because I don’t drink. I would be perfectly happy if it was filled with a Shirley Temple cocktail (because I’m hardcore like that). But, it is pretty cute, nonetheless. Having said that Mimi has probably ordered 50 of each kind right now. You’ll know if she’s got the Hello Kitty hangover – it’s a glittery haze of pink bows and hearts. Actually, I may try it!

photo: Jason Freeny ,  I love Cat Party

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Herrrro Kitty is frying the friendly skies! Taiwanese airlines, EVA Airways, has a special Hello Kitty airplane that would make Mariah Carey  and me swoon! I’m gonna have to figure a way to go to Taiwan to fly on this masterpiece.  They should take this to next level and have bubbles blown throughout the aisles during the flight. I have to say the food looks nasty. I’d swipe the dinner napkin, though.Anyway, they need food like this:


While we’re on the subject of Hello Kitty, here’s how to live the Hello Kitty life:

hello-kitty-house SWEET!

hello-kitty-1_69 AWWWWW!

If that’s not enough sickly sweetness…

Click here for my Hello Kitty Birthday video on Twolia- TV!

photos: The Lipstick Diaries, Found Sh*t

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