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Jean Paul Gaultier might have designed the best Hermes collection yet. The 1960s British show, The Avengers, inspired these sleek, sleuth-like outfits. Seriously, I would wear these all day and night. The only think I would have changed is a bit more color. I’m glad those ‘A Clockwork Orange’ hats are back. Hopefully, it phases out those douche-y hats like this. So, this collection gives me a license to whip out my cape (yes, I have one- don’t judge!)  and not feel weird about it. Usually, capes are for people at Comic-Con, but not any more!  I don’t know why, but this collection reminds me of the aristocratic James Williams Bottomtooth, III from the Family Guy. Could it be the monacle?

photos : Style

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Artist Peter Gronquist pimped his weapons ‘couture-style’ by putting logos on everything from chainsaws to uzis. Quick question: If you get mugged by someone with one of these guns, would you drool and swoon before dropping your wallet or would you still be scared sh*tless? For me, I would try to get into that ‘cool equipment’ banter and try to convince the mugger that I’m ‘on his side’ and stuff and maybe even suggest holding up someone less fashionable- ‘ya know what I mean? Actually, I’d probably run. Anyway,  I can totally picture Donatella Versace’s bodyguards toting a Versace machine gun while she chain smokes under the scorching Miami sun. Check out Peter’s site for other fupe stuff including a Mickey Mouse Jesus and a fruity Darth Vader.

photos: Peter Gronquist

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35cm-hermes-croco-birkin-black crocodile

File this under EFFED UP. (I just did).  Hermès is experiencing ‘Massive demands’ for their Fugly hag bags called the ‘Birkin’. Apparently, they make 3,000 crocodile bags per year.  It  takes 3-4 crocodiles to make one hideous Hermès bag. That’s a lot of damn crocodiles.  Some foolios pay up to  $48,410 a bag. So, Hermès has started breeding more crocodiles at a farm in Australia to continue the Fug Birkin legacy and keep up with demand. (Someone’s going to Hell- first class, of course) I don’t know what the obsession is with animal hide, especially exotic ones. Is it the subconscious telling you that you must carry an exotic, dangerous animal hide to make you look powerful, like in a tribal way? Something tells me that 60 year old lady didn’t wrestle the crocodile to make that handbag. She bought it- Like The Emperor’s new clothes. I think the crocodiles can appreciate the fact that they are going to be eye candy in the after life- at least the gay ones. (‘ I’m gonna be a Birkin one day!’)- I’m kidding – save your emails…

photos: The CUT, Animal Danger

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Okay, So I am the biggest Gaultier fan there ever was and will be, but the Spring 2009 Ready to Wear collection was one of the most boring ones  out of all his collections. Could Hermes have drained his creativity? The looks above are my most favorite out of collection. I think Gaultier is a better costume designer than fashion designer, because when he designs costumes , he doesn’t have the pressure to sell, but when he designs fashion collections , he has to make sure that women can wear his clothes on the street in real life without looking a foolio. ‘The Fifth Element’ and ‘The Cook , the Wife, The Thief and His Lover’ are his best works in film. His Couture collections are killer , too. It must be hard to tone down your creativity for the sake of sales.

photos: style

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