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and OSH KOSH B’GOSH! Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2010 collection was a mix of  ‘corseted vintage glamour meets a chola(“My brows are dark, my lips are lined. Baby boy, I’m how a chola’s DEFINED! ) who wants to cut a b*tch’. Those satin overalls are kind of cool, though. I remember I used to wear those faded Guess overalls to high school on days when I had an exam or test. That front flap was perfect for hiding notes and a walkman! One day in History class I had to recite The Gettysburg Address by heart. Instead of memorizing it, I recorded it onto a Walkman(yeah, I’m ancient) at a slow speed so I could write it down during the test. So, some beeeotch in class ratted me out and so I had to say the address in front of the whole class while the tape was going in slooooow moootion. Hilarious! Luckily, the teacher was an old bat, so she just let it go and had a Werthers. Anyway, JPG can’t do wrong in my eyes! Two thumbs up!

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This is Fantastic! Obama is gonna RUN DC- get it? RUN-DMC? RUN DC?… anyway , you can buy this piece of awesomeness here for ony $20. You can pair it with your fat lace sneakers, adidas track pants and a gold chain for a more authentic hip -hop look… or wear it under a suit for a killer twist on a classic. 

photo: Josh Spear

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