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This is the art of Lucy and Bart.

They explore the human shape.

Check out the green, grassy ape.

How about a beard of blueberry?

Or a face that’s kinda scary?

Pantyhose and balls create a roidy dude’s body.

The guy in tinfoil must have a commadery

With a Hobbit.

Shards of wood? Where’s the first aid kit.

I think something got into my tea today.

Please, Please forgive… mmmkay?

photos: Lucy and Bart

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Columbian photographer Ruven Afanador really has an imagination of  that rivals Ray Caesar. The skulls, the hobbit fetus, the fabulous bow tie- it could be just another day at Marilyn Manson’s pad. Ruven has done more conventional covers and spreads for  Marie Claire, The New York Times and Vanity Fair because dude has bills and has gotta eat. But in his spare time, he breaks out the crazy.  My favorite has to be the lady in the grey bowtie chillin’ with the hobbit fetus.  Check it out his site for more fantastical work. I’ve already filed him on under my favorite photographers.

Happy New Year! Live it up like this classy feline... look at all the beads she’s earned!!


photos: Fashion 156

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