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Norwegian company Concrete Wall has the perfect solution for your home to look like a crack den! Concrete wallpaper! Pretty brilliant. if you ask me. It’s like the jail experience but without the jail. It’s like being homeless but not really. It’s like ‘keeping it real’ but without the urine stench. It’s like being in an unfinished basement of a serial killer…. I’ll stop right there. Anyway, you can get these at Concrete Wall and they do accept Paypal and ship anywhere in the world and to anyone.

photos: Concrete Wall, mocoloco

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German designerPatrick Mohr vomited out another collection worthy of the ‘WTF?’ label. I mean, this is pretty minimalistic compared to his last show. He might as well had his model call at the meth clinic next to the Port Authority on 8th Ave. Seriously, I’ve come across folks looking like this in the wee hours of the night on a Bonanza bus headed north. Usually, they start talking to themselves and then it becomes a one-man show like , The Vagina Monologues. Entertaining, actually. Anywho-(ha), I’m trying to focus on the clothes and not the makeup and it still spells F.U.G to me. Whoever’s financing this dude must be blind.

photos: dlisted

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Vagrants and hobos were Vivienne Westwood’s inspiration for her Men’s collection. Mugatu is totally pissed about this. I mean, he was the pioneer in ‘Derelicte’ Chic. Seriously, Viv better recognize. Anyway, Vivienne must have the hook ups because that shopping cart works! Around where I’m from, the shopping cart’s wheels lock once you’re out of the supermarket parking lot! This way people can’t steal them and like put their laundry and chirruns in them. This also reminds me when I would wear a fur coat in the winter and sleep at the Port Authority because I would miss my bus back to RI. I would get ‘WTF?’ looks left and right. By the way, plastic bags are a no no.

photos: Style

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