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During Stockholm Fashion’s  Week, Bosnian designer Lamija Suljevic showed her latest collection with heavy influences by gypsies, the last Russian Dynasty, and dolls (my FAVORITE!). The heavy brocade and embroidery allow for a structured shape that makes it look so elegant and dignified. This somehow reminds me of Bjork’s album cover for ‘Homegenic’. Both look like uncomfortable Royals looking to take a dump before the next feast- Hawt! Or they just look like living dolls. These dresses are perfect for that boring dinner party. You could stash an iPod, Vogue magazine,  Reese’s Pieces (E.T candy) , a couple kittens, and a pot of tea under those skirts. That’s all I need for a nice evening- I know, I’m such a cheap date.

photos: Fashion 156

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