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Designer Martin Lamothe amazingly molded horse heads on the sleeves of jackets and dresses from his latest collection. This is like one of those optical illusions that leave you baffled for an entire afternoon! (Hey, I get amused very easily.) It almost looks as if a horse run into the sleeve like in a Tom & Jerry cartoon. Loves it! In all seriousness, this is some major molding. I mean from afar, it looks like weird roidy muscles (don’t click on that unless you want to heave), but then you get close and the details on the horse is fascinating. This is stuff that can freak people out, though. Having said that, I’d wear it to The Kentucky Derby with this hat on.

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Horseback riding, Gibson girls, and vintage Charles James gowns gave John Galliano his inspiration for his couture show. I am a big fan of the horseback-riding look, all the way down to the riding crop.  I think it’s an elegant sport, and horses are just so majestic and gentle. So naturally, I loved this collection. If I had a horse, it would be a white Arabian stallion. I would put a pink rhinestoned, unicorn horn on it for special occasions, like my birthday. I would name the horse Mr. Moosh. Basically, it would be my cat,  Mr. Marmar as a horse. I’m way off track here, but yes, I do think things through. Galliano is officially on my ‘Never can do eff up’ list.

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Jean-Charles de Castelbajac has designed these customizable Lego sunglasses  to go with his Lego fashion show from a few seasons ago. Available in red, white and yellow, you can add Lego pieces and build your own ultimate Lego fashion accessory. These are great for men and women and of course, children with big heads. I bet you can build ‘side blinders’ if you really wanted , like those horses in Central Park. Speaking of, if they only could see the cars whizzing by them… if I was a horse , I would freak! I would gallop away into the dense Central Park Forest and hide until it got dark. Then I would rip those side blinders off and go window shopping on Fifth Ave. (insert Sarah Jessica Parker joke here). But seriously, I feel for those horses.

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