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Valentine’s Day is here and I thought I’d share some cool Valentine’s picks I found on Etsy. I love those old-timey Valentine’s cards with the cute woodland creatures and such wishing so and so a Happy Valentine’s Day. Do you think creatures know what Valentine’s is? In my world, they do. The miniature house that looks like a pink unicorn barfed glitter upon it is especially cute. I would get that to house my be@rbricks. You can never do wrong with Marie Antoinette gift tags/cards! The cupcakes are also from Esty- I had no idea you could sell food on Etsy. Maybe I should start selling breastmilk on Etsy. Or cheese made from breastmilk. That’s really artisan and local if you ask me. And lastly, heart-shaped crayons for your little one! (or big one!) They also do other shapes of crayons worth looking into.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day filled with chocolates, flowers, cuddly bears, cats, more chocolates, champagne, sex, chocolate, and a terrible romantic comedy.

photos: Etsy

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Artist Scott Hove made an entire exhibition out of cake called The Cakeland in Oakland, CA. This sh*t is real, yo! Like seriously, it’s a bunch of rooms made out of ceiling to floor CAKE! I’d call it Chateau de Gateau if you wanna be all fancy-like. This is Kirstie Alley’s dream house. Hell, this is my dream house. I would nibble away as I walked from room to room. A little nibble for breakfast, a slice for lunch, a dollop for dinner. The house would be all gone by Fall and I’d be homeless and fat. 😦  Anywho, the face baby being devoured by a cake says it all. By the way, even with icing, feet still skeeve me out.

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photos: Planet Oddity

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Swedish designer,  Emilie Steele, showed a magnificent knitwear show called ‘Towers and Pinnacles’ last month. I tried to find out about her , but my stalking skills have waned since I bore my son. Anyneedtoquititwithfacebook,  her collection was actually cool especially, the dress in front that’s shaped like a house. I like that. It’s like the only house I could afford! I would wear it all the time and say ‘wanna see my house’ and twirl around. People would think ‘awww, she’s being cute’, but that would REALLY be my house because I’m THAT broke. Those shoulder pads at the end look dangerous. That’s something Naomi Campbell would wear- because it’s dangerous. Or better yet, Grace Jones!

photos: Emilie Steele

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