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Heavens!! The Hello Kitty Carnival came to town (Santa Monica, CA) and naturally, I dropped everything and went. Seriously, I was turning Japanese by taking photos of every single detail. Here are a sliver of all the photos I took. It was like Sanrio exploded and each glitter turned into a damn carnival game. It was like the smoke became artwork with it’s own booth. It’s was like Twin Little Stars fluttered from the heavens and said, “Make mine a 99”. It was like…  I’ll stop there. But you get what I mean.

Anyway, there was a mini-golf, ferris wheel, carnival booths, artwork from famous artists, like Joe Ledbetter, a Hello Kitty pop-up shop (with a 2 hour wait to get in) and loads of food trucks, and yummy desserts. Pretty much what I expect in heaven when I kick the bucket. I hope God is taking notes.

Anywho, I wore a vintage mohair cape from Scotland, powder blue Hunter boots, Vivienne Westwood handbag, Benetton argyle knit skirt, and house ring by We Wear. My hair was an unfortunate experiment with my hot curlers- never again.

photos: Moi

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Remind me to wear Thimister when I’m getting all Dexter on someone. Either that or  when Aunt Flo is visiting (sorry, but I couldn’t resist!). The real story behind the blood is the reference to war and the bloodshed from World War I. The best thing out of this collection are those Hunter boots. I have a pair that I wear almost everyday in the winter. They are just so comfy, yet stylish- and by stylish, I mean I look like I ready to dig clams from the damn sea! I love them. Anyway, Thimister’s collection is the first in 10 years, so I guess we can cut him some slack. Literally.

photos: Style

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