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Lady Gaga is on her Fame Ball tour and wears a really cool bubble dress for part of her show. I’m not too keen on her music (I’m not a 12 year old girl and I’m not a gay man) , but her outfits are pretty damn cool! What irks me is that Hussein Chalayan had a bubble dress in his Spring 2007 collection that looks identical to Lady Gaga’s bubble dress. I would understand if you’re a teenager and you want to replicate something that you can’t afford, but she’s a recording artist that makes an ass load of money in the public eye. I don’t like this, it reminds me this girl I knew that would rip off my style… I hated that!

photos: FashinFags

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Plumbers of the world rejoice! Finally, a plumber inspired fashion trend! I don’t know if I would personally rock this look. It would have to be at like a Janitorial convention or something for people to really  appreciate it. The Ass-crack trend was first started by Alexander McQueen’s bumster jeans, but Hussein Chalayan brought it back from the tomb (or toilet) for his Fall 2009 collection. They should have added a few strands of hair for a more authentic look… I’m just sayin’!

photos: Trend De La Creme

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Tim Walker, “Magic World,” Vogue Italia, January 2008.

Richard Burbridge,  Pink Eye.

The International Center of Photography just opened four exhibitions to inaugurate their “2009 Year of Fashion,” including the contemporary Weird Beauty: Fashion Photography Now. Check it out if you’re in NYC:

1133 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

I love the tulle and organza egg dress, reminds me of the Japanese designer like Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcon and Bjork’s favorite Hussein Chalayan.  I would wear this if I didn’t have to sit in it. 


photos: fashion projects

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Hussein Chalayan’s Spring 2009 collection featured dresses that look like they are going through a windstorm- could his inspiration by Hurricane Ike?  I like these dresses, except how does one sit down? I love the blue and white striped dress… those colors are so classic. My favorite Hussein Chalayan dress is the robot dress  The skirt opens and closes based on your drafty you’re feeling. My other favorite is this one :  it was featured at The Superheroes Exhibit at The Met in NYC. He’s one of Bjork’s favorites , by the way. I love any designer who works with Bjork.

photos: style, astridland

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