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2010 AMFI graduate Elise Kim must have been watching this creepy video while designing her  “Blind robots wearing an Ikea lamp shade” collection. Although these pictures make me want to run and hide under the bed, much like that History channel show Ancient Aliens, I still appreciate the intricate design of the tops. Let’s face it, that is some mad origami skillz. So, I wish Elise all the best- she’s a recent graduate so let’s send her off into the real world with an explosive “Dayum! You’ve got skillz!’ confetti.

photos: fashion156, Elise Kim

Clothing design – Elise Kim
Photography – Amber Isabel
Model – Martine (Fresh MM)
Make-up and hair – Anita Wagner

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Here is some wacky men’s fashion courtesy of those crazy kids at Graduates Fashion Week 2010. I have to say, whoever designed this is obviously looking to ward off financiers which takes major balls! I like that. This belongs in a parade somewhere in the world. And yes, he must have been in a K-hole at Ikea when designing this.

photos: Fashion 156

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Check out this Munchausen LEGO Kitchen! It’s fantastic if you really really love Legos. So, this table is just a regular Ikea table with over 20,000 legos on it. I can just imagine grime getting into the crevices of the legos. It could end up being really gross, especially if you’re making fish or chicken or something. It could be a haven for salmonella. I’m sorry, I have a germ phobia and it’s showing through right now. Ignore me. Anyway, check out the video below to see how its done. If the video was going in real time, it would be like watching grass grow. But, thankfully, they sped it up. This would be a great DIY project for a kid’s room.

Click Here to see it.

photos: Cote Maison

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SANS has revealed their Spring 2010 collection and have revealed they like the home drapery department of IKEA. Really, even a pregnant  lady would get lost in that. Fat Albert would love this , though. If you go on the SANS website and click through the past collections, you will see they have a taste for the fupe. They market socks with holes, a ski hat with built in sunglasses, a faux fur coat that just looks beastly .. well, just click there and see the insanity for yourself. I do have to mention I love the yellow rubber gloves in the first photo…. imagine doing housework in that outfit… you could Swiffer the floor by just crawling on the floor. See , it’s functional!

photos: The Trendy Girl

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