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You know what I like when I see a stuffy suit ? A touch of cool and unusual here and there whether it be in the cufflinks or tie/bowtie or in a punky haircut or something. As long as they don’t look like a used car salesman, I’m good.  So, boys….. check out Retro Classy Cufflinks for cool cufflinks that can make the worst suit look awesome! My son would go ape sh*t for the Star Wars legos. Speaking of, we had a Star Wars marathon at the house, which entailed of every damn star wars movie there ever was, homemade Star Wars gingerbread cookies, and of course, putting together a Star Wars lego battleship. It was pretty intense.  By the way, Ewoks RULE! Miss Darcheen has some Ewok in her,  methinks:


photos: Retro Classy Cufflinks


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When I first saw these, all I could think about was the Indiana Jones with the dude saying ‘Kalima’ while holding another dude’s heart in his hands. Yeah, watch it below and then come back. Charming… Anyway, this looks like what the ‘Kalima’ dude would totally kill for! So, these are precious jewelry by Dior’s Haute Couture Jewelry Collection. This isn’t your JCPenny sort of gems ( cubic zirconia- my FAVORITE!), but it’s more like platinum, diamonds, jade, pearls, etc. This is jewelry you wear when you want someone to kiss your hand…. and you’re a guy. Somehow, it’s not that feminine to me so I can’t picture a woman wearing this. But I do picture this guy rocking it and performing voodoo.

photos: French Vogue

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Belgium born, Natalia Brilli, must have watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom one too many times. She designed a hard case purse in the shape of a skull (let’s pretend it’s a monkey) that opens like those chilled monkey brains in the Palace in the Indy movie. Everyone remembers that scene. The eyeball soup, the chilled monkey brains, the child emperor. Click here if you don’t what the eff I’m talking about. Okay! Let’s think of rainbows and waterfalls and fairies and glitter, now!  Surprisingly, what’s more bizarre is the pineapple. Maybe she was making a statement with ‘abundance and quality’. Pineapples are a symbol of abundance and quality in Italian culture. Or maybe she’s a fan of Dole.  In any case, these are purses that will break the ice at any party.

photos: Natalia Brilli

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