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LunaBlocks has taken a childhood delight and made it into an interior decorator’s nightmare! Seriously, every interior decorator I meet wants to transform every place into a Z Gallerie showroom. Ugh. The best part of these blocks is that you can make your own combinations to make the furniture of your childhood dreams! Each brick is about $20, so it’s not that cheap, but still well worth it if you have a passion for Legos. I like the tables the best and I would make all the bricks pink and black for a Barbie boudoir effect! 

photos: If It’s Hip, It’s here

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Norwegian company Concrete Wall has the perfect solution for your home to look like a crack den! Concrete wallpaper! Pretty brilliant. if you ask me. It’s like the jail experience but without the jail. It’s like being homeless but not really. It’s like ‘keeping it real’ but without the urine stench. It’s like being in an unfinished basement of a serial killer…. I’ll stop right there. Anyway, you can get these at Concrete Wall and they do accept Paypal and ship anywhere in the world and to anyone.

photos: Concrete Wall, mocoloco

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Elle Decor gave Jean Paul Gaultier a few rooms to go ape sh*t  in and look what he gave us! Absolutely fantastic! I like how JPG is sitting there like Where’s Waldo? I still see you, JP. The best part of this exhibit was the doll bedspread. It sort of looks like Marie Osmond is rising from the satin bed, all satan like. I loves it! But that’s only because I collect dolls- a normal person would be creeped out , I suppose. Speaking of Jean Paul Gaultier dolls- I have a the Spring 2000 Limited Edition Jean Paul Gaultier Porcelain Doll that is sitting in a corner collecting dust. I may turn into a bedspread!

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photos: Dita Von Teese, 00oo00 spot

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Designer Nikki of WhiMSY love is my new favorite designer! She took a bunch of moving boxes and made these trompe l’oeil pieces of furniture for one of her visiting guests. This mildew-riffic basement (it looks like it could smell of mothballs and grandma) was turned into a Parisian penthouse! Ok, not really, but it looks pretty awesome. She cut out a headboard, side table with vase, a picture frame, lamp, a clock, and used a box as a nightstand. Then, she painted it with black paint and made it fancy and stuff. Then she added an air mattress and some pillows. Her guests have it pretty good- I stick my guests in my walk-in closet and call it a day.

photos: The Frisky

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I came across these fantastic design ideas that I thought would be a shame not to share with your ass.  My favorite is the first photo of the purple tables making an entire wall unit. It looks so whimsical and cute. And I bet you could find furniture like that at Sal’s Boutique. You would just have to saw down a few legs, paint it and bolt it to the wall. Actually, that sounds like a lot of effing work. Shoes are always a dilemma with me. At the moment, my shoes are on the floor of my walk-in closet, so they are vulnerable to cat vomit and piss ( The guilty is Miss Darcheen). I already found a pair of my Moschino kitten heels covered in an expelled hairball.  How ironic. Anyway, the hutch would solve that problem. That book night stand is perfect for Sarah Palin. Who reads books anyway?  I threw in a belt side table for all the gimps out there.


Miss Darcheen- The Guilty

photos: Outsapop

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