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So,  I have to show you my gnome outfit I wore recently to my interviews with Elton John, Emily Blunt and James McAvoy for Gnomeo & Juliet. The movie was adorable! As a huge fan of gnomes ( Exhibit A and Exhibit B), I had to go all out and spread to everyone my freakish love for gnomes. Don’t laugh, but everyone has a weakness- mine happens to be miniature bearded men in pointy hats with an affinity for gardening.

I am wearing a skirt by Made With Love By Hannah, shoes by Irregular Choice, shirt from the depths of my closet, and cardigan by Anthropologie. Lilly pad/ladybug hair clip from Patricia Field‘s circa when I still had a pager and Hair Rosettes by ‘Tressa the Hairdressa’ from PuppycatMeow.

By the way, I wish they made this in my size! By DollFace girls.

photos: moi, DollFace girls

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Kitty Keay is still in fashion school, but her designs look like they belong to a veteran fashion designer. Part Irregular Choice and part Jean-Charles Castelbajac, Kitty Keay marries cute with elegant, flawlessly. You can’t do wrong with pastels and bears in my book. I’m especially loving the fringe jumpsuit! So fun, yet chic! Fringe is fun to wear especially if you’re moving around a lot. The carwash effect is the best. I’m keeping my eye on Kitty because it’s like she’s inside my brain. That’s kinda hard- my eye on her while she’s in my brain. Anyway, what I mean is she’s definitely one to watch because she has great taste!

photos: Style Bubble

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British designer, Emma Bell, has a taste for the avant-garde, sweet and silly… exactly how I like it , too! For her Spring 2010 collection, Emma focused on the boobies, the shoulders and Hansel and Gretel. Nothing wrong with that. Although, I do love her past collections featuring wolves and gingerbread people. I think what I like most about Emma’s designs is that it incorporates gory children’s fables with bright colored clothes. She does a lot of collaborating with other companies, which explains the hamburger/pizza/carrot/egg cardigan that I saw at the Irregular Choice store in NYC a while back. I was super close to buying that, until my shopaholic sponsors veered me out of the store.

PS- It’s my birthday today , so may be it’s a sign that I should get that cardigan now?? Anyway, I’m planning a fancy dinner( El Pollo Loco?)  with my family and lots of Fancy Feast for my kitties. Why? Because we’re fancy like that. Here’s a shot of what’s coming to me today……


photos: Emma Bell

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Here are Irregular Choice‘s latest shoe collection. Here’s the breakdown:

First- yes (although, I would feel like a Redbull commercial)

Second- yes-  because it’s so ‘Snap!, Pow!, Kaboom!’ comic book style!

Third- YES, PLEASE because I would look like a Victorian that shredded a Dandy’s dress shirt for her shoes! Not very lady like! Love it!

Fourth- A firm, Hell to the NO! It looks like a Chewbacca paw. A Wookiee should not be a fashion example.

Be sure to check out Irregular Choice’s brand new cool website and their flagship store in New York City! Good times!

photos: Irregular Choice

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Irregular Choice is one of my favorite shoe designers, I have several pairs of Irregular Choice shoes in my shoe collection. One of them is what I call my ‘camel toe heels’. I know, WTF is a ‘camel toe heel’?! Well, this masterpiece has a round toe but with a dent between the big toe and second toe, kinda like those Japanese socks. Click here if you have no idea what I mean. By the way, I can’t  not think of the song, ‘Cameltoe‘ from ‘Fannypack’. If you haven’t heard it, make sure you’re near a toilet when you do because you’ll piss yourself laughing. Anycameltoe, Blythe  teamed up with Irregular Choice to make a series of shoes with the wide-eyed doll featured on the shoe. I love it, but then again I love Dolls. I threw in an Emma Belle sweater for Irregular Choice. It has food like hamburgers, carrots and pizza on it. mmmm…

photos: Irregular Choice

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