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Just because it’s Prince Spaghetti night doesn’t mean that you can’t have spaghetti every friggin’ day of the week! That is if your main goal is to make a killer jacket that will make you the envy of your Rotary Club! I’m not sure how many packages it took to make all these creations, but I’m sure the Friskies jacket had a human consumer seeing that it takes months to go through a bag for one tiny ass cat that eats an ounce a day. I mean, isn’t it like patè? That is some District 9 sh*t. Anyway, if only I had a Capri Sun jacket, I would wear the crap out of it at the next PTA meeting.

photos: Neatorama

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And here I am still writing and scratching my ass. These are some ominous masks that can scare the hell out of anyone sane. I guess that’s why I’m not scared. This gem of a collection is belongs to Giulia Pozzuoli from Polimoda, Italy.

Although I can appreciate the actual clothes in the collection, especially the leather jacket with the science fiction shoulders, I just can’t with the masks. It reminds me of that movie, The Strangers, which made me buy 2 extra cell phone chargers and have an irrational fear of burlap bags. Long story short, I will NOT travel to remote areas and always buy basmati rice in a box or paper bag. Anywho, Guilia is a fashion student so she can always do better next time. We’ll still hang this on fridge with the heads cut off.

photos: Fashion 156

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What do you get with a couple of bathtubs, yeast, a pinch of bacteria, and several cups of sweetened green tea? I guessed a terrible yeast infection at 4 o’clock teatime, but designer Suzanne Lee calls this piece of work BioCouture. It’s basically my worst nightmare- A JACKET MADE OF BACTERIA. I already get a little skeeved out at vintage stores (I mean, I wash the skank out of stuff when I buy used), but nothing comes close to this. It sort of looks like beef jerky or better yet, something out of Buffalo Bill’s basement closet. Read more about the process here, if you care. I’m gonna skip lunch today.

photos: io9 ( thanks Reuben!)

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Before I say anything, this chick is super- talented! She has a blog about fashion and food called Luxirare and it exactly proves that talent carries into any forum, whether it’s food, fashion or interior design or even, simply, cleaning a toilet.  Anyway, she made a jacket paying homage to Michael Jackson and his greatest hits. She stamped (by hand) each of MJ’s songs on leather bands and affixed then to a lavender jacket for a look that even MJ would approve. Check out her blog for a precisely perfect recipe for ‘Lollipop -pies’ and ‘chips’. With beautiful photography and amazingly exact recounts of the steps she took to produce her art,  one cannot help but admire her unique methods to create her world that is Luxirare.

photos: Luxirare

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Check out this collection for all the Star Wars Nerds of the Galaxy! Storm troopers, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, C3PO and R2D2 never looked so stylish! Really. They never looked stylish. Ever. I think if I saw someone wearing this on the street, I would pull their pants down and run, cackling into the night. What’s weird is Marc Ecko designed these. He’s the dude that plasters the men section of Macy’s with ‘urban’ clothing. Something tells me if you wear this in Compton, you’ll get shot at. Not for them to rob your clothes, but just for fun. This should come with a warning label  stating it can only be worn during Comic-Con.

photos: Marc Ecko

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Sebastian Errazuriz has designed the most awesome jacket ever! It’s a  jacket made out of plush bears. I would wear this day and night, whilst I brush my teeth, make lunch, do the laundry , run errands… OMG I would even sleep in it! My son would approve and try to snatch one of the bears away. But I would just smile and say , ‘Mine!’

Anyway, I’m crazy about bears and other cuddly things….


photos: Sebastian Errazuriz

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