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nOir jewelry and DC Comics have joined forces together to bring you jewels from Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. These are not  your Cracker Jack box trinkets, but jewels made of gold and Cubic Zirconia. I’m a big fan of CZ, by the way. It’s like champagne looks for beer prices. Anywho, my fave is naturally the Catwoman claws. I have three rings similar to in that I wear when I’m venturing out into unchartered, sketchy territories such as my beauty shop in South Central LA.  The Gotham ring is pretty rad, too. nOir also has a  gold Brooklyn Bridge ring on their site. I like all of them, except when are they going to make  jewelry inspired by the James Bond girls? That I would die over!

photos: nOir jewelry


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Freeland Studios on Etsy make these fabulous old style phones compatible to an iPhone called the iRetrofone. Retailing at about $200, these relics of the past turned modern would make any retro-phile a happy lady or gent. I can imagine Don Draper cursing out people on the line while scrolling for porn on the iPhone simultaneously. Seriously, this is actually a great phone since the whole cancer thing is revisited. Eating popcorn also makes me think of this video. So, as soon as I scrounge up some money, I think I will order a pink iRetrofone just so I can feel like a 1950’s sexatary whilst saving brain cells! Of course, Mr. Marmar would be in my lap as I plan to take over the world! Muahahahahah!

photos:Freeland Studios

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Soap Weapons promises to wash the blood away with this gun-shaped soap. It has a coconut smell and comes in a real, hard shell gun case. Seriously, this would be a wonderful gift to myself. I could go back to my preschool days and pretend in the shower that I’m in a tropical island shootout  in a James Bond movie. (Okay, it was only the other day.)Anyway, this is perfect for that gun aficionado or that one person who can’t handle an actual gun because they are clinically insane… or both. I want one.

photos: Soap Weapons

* thanks Andrea Kett!

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This is one pimped out ride! This is the actual James Bond 1964 Aston Martin DB5 used in the films Thunderball and Goldfinger. Sean Connery drove this, so all you Sean Connery fans can say your butt cheeks kissed, if you happen to sit in the drivers seat. In case you need machine guns, bullet-proof shield, revolving number plates, tracking device, removable roof panel, oil slick sprayer, nail spreader and smoke screen, this car has got it all.  So, you can’t really turn your nose up and say, “but it doesn’t have…. “. Aaaaaaand all the switches are in the driver’s armrest so your lazy ass doesn’t need to get up ever in case sh*t goes down. Miss Moneypenny would be very, very impressed. As a James Bond enthusiast, I want this. The auction date is October 27, 2010 and it will probably pass $5 million. Click here for the info if you want to bid. Ahahahahah-Kidding, that was my Paypal….Here is the real place to place a bid for this exceptional beauty.

photos: Billionaire Boys Club

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Providence, R.I.  based, Salvagge , breathe new life into bottle caps, vinyl records, and paint can lids by turning them into functional housewares or funky jewelry. They must have staked out all the alcoholics’ homes  in Providence … because one door curtain uses 550 bottle caps! That’s a lot of booze! Kidding! My favorite are the paint lids with old Revlon ads that are now coasters. I sort of want to send them all my CDs that I don’t need anymore and see what they come up with. At the moment, I use them as frisbees for my cats. I think I’m gonna stop, though. I’m afraid this will happen….

photos: Salvagge

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chocolate_grace_jones_01 chocolate_grace_jones_02 chocolate_grace_jones_07chocolate_grace_jones_11chocolate_grace_jones_09

This is a cannibal’s nightmare! Seriously, you think you’re gonna eat Grace Jones and all you get is chocolate! But, on the other hand, it’s a chocolate lover’s dream and if you’re a Grace Jones fan and a chocolate lover- well, it may feel weird eating her head. So, this was for her album cover for ‘Hurricane’. I thought Grace Jones disappeared into suburbia, but she has actually been around- we just never paid attention. I loved her in ‘A View to A Kill’! She was a Bond girl not to tangle with, but Bond didn’t give an eff! Classic film with, of course, the great Duran Duran doing the theme song. Here are her outrageous costumes from her recent shows. I wonder what happened to all the chocolate? I hope it didn’t end up at TJ Maxx in the gourmet gifts section.

PS- I see Chocolate feet one photo- NOOOOOOOO!

gracejonesopenpost12 spl116460_007spl116460_015

photos: Mashkulture , Dlisted

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French Designers, Ab- Irato

have designed a clutch worthy of any Bond fan. As you may already know, I am a fan of James Bond and weapons like Brass Knuckles , Lipstick knives and guns. So, this would fit perfectly into my wardrobe! Retailing at 93 Bristish pounds, which is like $100 million US dollars, it’s a steal if you’re NOT American. By the time I finish typing this blog, it will  be $200 million US dollars. Anyinflation, this would go great with a killer black dress, 5 inch stilletos and oh yes, red  lipstick.

photos: Beyond the Valley Store

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