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Here are a few Hello Kitty stuff that maybe your dream or your nightmare depending on who you are. Hello Kitty Wine and Hello Kitty Anatomy. Let’s start with the Skeletal Hello Kitty: I was wondering why Hello Kitty has no mouth but has teeth. Take a minute to ponder this. I have already put that as my screensaver, creeping out my 4 year old. The Hello Kitty Wine is something I can appreciate but can’t really enjoy because I don’t drink. I would be perfectly happy if it was filled with a Shirley Temple cocktail (because I’m hardcore like that). But, it is pretty cute, nonetheless. Having said that Mimi has probably ordered 50 of each kind right now. You’ll know if she’s got the Hello Kitty hangover – it’s a glittery haze of pink bows and hearts. Actually, I may try it!

photo: Jason Freeny ,  I love Cat Party

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So, my brother referred me to this site that called Moist Productions. They have the coolest art by former Toy designer, Jason Freeny. I love how you can see their insides, because they are like you and me! I think I saw something like this at Colette. I wonder if it’s the same dude….hmmm. I collect Be@rbricks, but the Quee are cute , too. Yeah, I switched from Barbie dolls to Be@rbricks overnight after I was running out of space in my house. I need to collect something, so might as well be something compact, right? Anyway, Check out Freeny’s site for more cool art that I was not able to capture on my computer. 

photos: moist productions

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