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The original French punk did it again! I have to say this collection was by far one of the best Gaultier collections I have seen in a long time. The fact that it’s Haute Couture makes it even more impressive because although some of his designs can be costume-y, these are actually wearable, yet unique. My fave is definitely the last photo with the can-can skirt. BRILLIANT! If I wore that I’d make an excuse to lift my skirt as much as possible. The fifth photo of the black and white striped organza dress is just perfect. Why can’t movie stars were this stuff on the red carpet instead of the ho-hum, safe, FUG  dress?? All these incredible dresses and they end up with the one uninspiring dress that every JCPenney can knockoff. Really. Anyway, Gaultier has absolutely regained his special place in my heart!

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Central Saint Martins Graduate Isabel Czernin Fishlock’s 2010 collection was all roses! Okay, more like orchids… I’m terrible with gardening by the way ( everything I touch dies and I can’t tell a flower from an herb), so let’s just generalize and say flowers. Anywho, I’m more into bows than flowers, but I can appreciate a good flower-y dress, as long as it’s not like those fugly flower dresses from JC Penney. I am really digging the harem pants in the third photo (or “jihad” pants, as I call them). You could totally go shoplifting in those bad boys. Bravo for Isabel!

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Nina Ricci recently let go super talented designer,  Olivier Theyskens.  That prompted Anna Wintour to write this scathing letter:


Three weeks later, rumor has it that Halston will snatch up Oliver before anyone else does. I think that’s a good move on Halston’s part. To me, Halston is 

a fashion house from the ’70s that never evolved with the times like Gucci.  I think Oliver will revive Halston back from the disco dead and give Halston that cutting edge air it needs. Halston reminds me of that Jordache look, with blue eye shadow and feathered back hair. As a matter of fact, Halston was licensed to JC Penney so my visions are not too far of.  Let’s hope Oliver gives Halston the makeover it terribly needs. 


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British designer Hinks Taylor’s collection is a great combination of the demure 1950s and the regal Elizabethan Age. I would totally wear this although, I wish they were in brighter colors… then again, they could look a little like a JC Penney find. I don’t know… my fashion radar is a little off today. Come to think of it, I would only wear the ring in the first photo and the collar in the second photo. See! The accessories distract me from the outfit- it’s really the accessories that I like. That Union jack ring does it- it’s like it hypnotizes me into liking FUG or mediocre clothing. I swear I’ll buy anything with that flag on it (click here for proof-YES that’s me!)…. damn you union jack! 

photos: Hinks Taylor

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