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Jean-Charles de Castelbajac has designed these customizable Lego sunglasses  to go with his Lego fashion show from a few seasons ago. Available in red, white and yellow, you can add Lego pieces and build your own ultimate Lego fashion accessory. These are great for men and women and of course, children with big heads. I bet you can build ‘side blinders’ if you really wanted , like those horses in Central Park. Speaking of, if they only could see the cars whizzing by them… if I was a horse , I would freak! I would gallop away into the dense Central Park Forest and hide until it got dark. Then I would rip those side blinders off and go window shopping on Fifth Ave. (insert Sarah Jessica Parker joke here). But seriously, I feel for those horses.

photos: Dazed Digital

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alena-akhmadullina-fall-2009-1 alena-akhmadullina-fall-2009-2 alena-akhmadullina-fall-2009-4

Russian Designer, Alena Akhmadullina incorporated Beyonce’s wigs into her Fall fashion 2009 collection. No , I don’t know if they are Beyonce’s , but they sure are hairy. The second photos is wrong in every way. If you’re going to do the hair trims on any piece of clothing, DO NOT put it anywhere near your groin/vajayjay area. Anywho-ha, Alena didn’t follow those heartfelt suggestions and look (above) what happened! Many designers have fallen for this trend that must die. Jean Paul Gaultier, Sonia Rykiel and Jean- Charles de Castel-Bajac are all guilty. Off with their… Hair?

photos: Trend de la creme

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Jean-charles de Castelbajac  has just jumped to the top of my favorite designers list. Anyone who immortalizes (were they ever mortal to begin with?) the Muppets through fashion can make any fashion faux pas and be forever immune to my snappy words. I find it HILARIOUS that a French designer went to town with Kermit the Frog. You know he was thinking of the ‘All you can Mange’ Frog legs at Bistro Romaine! I would totally wear that, by the way. I wish the Men’s Muppet suit would come in a size Toddler 4. My son would rock it everyday- top hat and all…

That Michael Jackson dress should come in, like, the 8 different stages of MJ. This would be the first and of course it would proceed as a lighter and lighter and more fuped MJ. The last one would have an umbrella hat , like at Alexander McQueen (see below) and Pajamas. 

PS- If you want your very own customized muppet, visit FAO Shwartz’s The Muppet Workshop– Fun Stuff!

photos: Fashinfags

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Click here  to watch the video!

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac showed his Spring 3001 collection (yes, he’s already designed that far ahead)  not with malnourished models , but with lego people! If that is not genius, I don’t know what is! Not only are the models lego people, but the audience is lego people, too! Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Tally are in the front row as lego people along with a lego devil.  His collection was rock inspired with slogans like ‘smells like teen spirit’ and ‘no fear no tears’ , as well as the union jack. The video, directed by Fabrice Pathier, was in conjunction with his latest collection. Here are a few photos from the none lego people fashion show (spring 2009):

photos: pop sugar UK

video: youtube

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