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Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall 2010 collection had his usual ethnic vibe. This time it was Mexican, Russian, Greek, and Moroccan madness all rolled up in one. Basically, it was his vision of the DMV or maybe he ate all the restaurants on 9th and 43rd  area in NYC and barfed this collection up. Anyway, I’m really liking the cut away trench coat and embroidered thigh high boots. When you wear that, you know sh*t just got real. No one’s gonna mess with you because you look like a saucy superhero. I also happen to like the face muff. It’s something my cats would explore if it was laying on the ground somewhere.. sort of like this:


Or like this. Anyway, yay for Gauliter!

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Jean Paul Gaultier might have designed the best Hermes collection yet. The 1960s British show, The Avengers, inspired these sleek, sleuth-like outfits. Seriously, I would wear these all day and night. The only think I would have changed is a bit more color. I’m glad those ‘A Clockwork Orange’ hats are back. Hopefully, it phases out those douche-y hats like this. So, this collection gives me a license to whip out my cape (yes, I have one- don’t judge!)  and not feel weird about it. Usually, capes are for people at Comic-Con, but not any more!  I don’t know why, but this collection reminds me of the aristocratic James Williams Bottomtooth, III from the Family Guy. Could it be the monacle?

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Check out these teabags from German company, Donkey. Each teabag comes with a fashion figure  soaking their crotches in your tea.The team includes:

Karl Lagerfeld (will he call you fat?)

Jean Paul Gaultier (probably pissing in your tea and finds it hilarious!)

Donatella Versace (does it taste like hairspray, tanning lotion and ciggies?)

Naomi Cambell (will she throw the lemon back at you?)

Kate Moss (She prefers lots of sugar).

There are so many jokes (mostly inappropriate- MY FAVORITE!) involved with these teabags that I’m going to step slowly away and let your dirty little minds take over. In case fashion figures are not your cup of tea (oh, yes- pun intended!), try the soccer legends teabags, pirates, animals, and even royalty!  Eight Euros will get you a pack of five, which can only mean that you have to double dip to get your money’s worth in American dollars. Check out the site for other stuff including Porn Confetti (because we all need Porn confetti) and this – which I still can’t figure out what you’re supposed to do with it. I mean, is it a candle or something??

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A Mexican theme ran through every vein of this collection. Sombreros? Check. Cigars? Check. Mariachi band? Check. All that was missing was tequila with a worm in it (nastiness!). As much as I want to love the collection because I really love Gaultier’s vision, I can’t. The collection wasn’t elegant enough to be passed off as a couture collection. However, there were maybe three looks towards the end that were really fantastic — one of which was a white corseted, over-the hips jacket with a hoop skirt covered lightly with brown and yellow brown feathers and a white feather crown to match (third photo). I still believe in Gaultier, though. Maybe he should lay off the margaritas for now. There is always next season.

PS- Here is Gaultier’s take on cats in corsets… I know, so RANDOM!


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The original French Punk , Jean Paul Gaultier has teamed with British combat boot maker, Dr. Marten. With laser -cut diamond holes on each side of the boot, it now matters what socks you’ll be wearing. I would with go hot pink socks! These 14 hole Doc’s will run about 300 Euros, which is probably $5,000 with all the inflation and the ‘obnoxious American’ tax. You know Europe probably has an ‘Obnoxious American’ tax by now. It’s been lowered since Obama took over, though. Kidding! I wish they had these boots in the mid -nineties when I would actually wear these. It’s funny, the Doc’s were worn by the punk anarchists and the conservatives wore Keds. I tell you-when in doubt, look at the shoes.

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and OSH KOSH B’GOSH! Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2010 collection was a mix of  ‘corseted vintage glamour meets a chola(“My brows are dark, my lips are lined. Baby boy, I’m how a chola’s DEFINED! ) who wants to cut a b*tch’. Those satin overalls are kind of cool, though. I remember I used to wear those faded Guess overalls to high school on days when I had an exam or test. That front flap was perfect for hiding notes and a walkman! One day in History class I had to recite The Gettysburg Address by heart. Instead of memorizing it, I recorded it onto a Walkman(yeah, I’m ancient) at a slow speed so I could write it down during the test. So, some beeeotch in class ratted me out and so I had to say the address in front of the whole class while the tape was going in slooooow moootion. Hilarious! Luckily, the teacher was an old bat, so she just let it go and had a Werthers. Anyway, JPG can’t do wrong in my eyes! Two thumbs up!

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Marc Jacob’s Spring 2010 collection was one of his most feminine to date. With touches of satin lingerie, sheer ruffles, and ethereal fabrics, Jacob’s was most likely inspired by the French’s love for the lady -like, yet avant -guarde.  I see hints of  vintage Jean Paul Gaultier and even Christian Dior’s last couture collection. Hopefully, the studs,black and the garish ’80s are buried where they belong now that Jacobs has ushered in a fresh,new, sophisticated  Spring collection.

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