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Sarah Williams designed these fantastic luggage pieces that are super-limited edition. Seriously, if I had to choose between Louis Vuitton and this, I would choose this because it is so unique and seems like it is so meticulously crafted. Plus, every time I see Louis Vuitton luggage, I think of JLo’s butt. I love the new shapes especially the horseshoe-shaped luggage and the old-timey brass and leather execution is so cool.  The prices are available upon request, but I’m guessing they’re expensive because each is handmade completely- stitch by stitch. I wonder if I can take one of my dad’s briefcases and bend it in half and blow dry it with hot heat- that would be the welfare version of this. Forget it, it’s gonna look all effed up. Better wait until I save my pennies for this.

photos: Style Bubble

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It looks like designer James Piatt went ahead and made a handbag that scares the hell out of me. Okay, so this is a handbag of a ‘abandoned’ baby with interchangeable ankle tags that each represent a celebrity baby. At fist look, I thought the mouth was a baby crying , but I guess it’s a binky? And the square hunchback on the baby is unsettling. Moving on, here is a run down of the celebrity ankle tags:

-A pack of cigarettes for Britney Spear’s kids

-A water well for Baby Jessica

-An open window for Michael Jackson’s son, Prince Michael II

-An airplane for Charles Lindbergh, Jr.

Here are my suggestions for Piatt if he wants to expand the tag collection:

– An octopus for the OctoMom

-A globe for Angelina Jolie’s kids

-A spaceship for Suri Cruise

-A Kabbalah string for Madonna’s kids

A pair of mink eyelashes for Jennifer Lopez’s  kids

The more I look at this handbag, the more I want to hide and pull the sheets over my face. Click here to see more of James Piatt’s fupe purses including a ‘cat on a stick’.

photos: Trend de La Creme

**Simply Spray/Teacups & Couture Giveaway Contest**

The person with the most  retweets (twitter)  of  ANY of my posts (see green retweet button below) between now and September 4 (midnight PST) wins a 6-pack of Simply Spray Black Upholstery Spray. That’s enough to cover the fugliest couch that ever was!

How can I tell who retweeted my posts? Because I’m a hot bitch that knows all. No, because I can see it on the retweet thingy. Once the winner is determined, I will tweet you a message for an address on September 6. I will also announce the winner on September 7th on this blog.

So, start retweeting my posts- for the love of an un-fug couch.

Bonne Chance!

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