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Dior’s Fall 2009 Couture Collection echoed a better era for fashion (in my opinion)- The 1950s. In the 50s, clothes were more feminine and had a an innocent edge to it and impeccable quality that today’s mass produced clothes cannot compete with. Also the silhouette, was perfect for any body type. Luckily, with the few fashion houses that still create the dying art of couture, the spirit of the early decades can still be created with same grace as previous decades, only with a much higher price tag. In this collection, the undergarment was the repeated theme throughout. The hidden foundation is what makes the outfit sit well, but with true John Galliano misfit style, the foundation became the center of attention. How fitting.


HAPPY BASTILLE DAY!! Eat Cake and celebrate French independence from extravagant Royals! (Even though Marie Antoinette was true style icon!)

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I know, referencing that 90s TV show, Perfect Strangers shows my age… Anyway, John Galliano has been drinking the same water as Karl Lagerfeld because he is equally as talented. He overseas several collections and all of them are drastically different from each other within the same season. Galliano was inspired by  Russian-Balkan folklore which made for a beautiful collection. Sprinkled with pom pom-ed footwear,  silver chains and intricate silver embroidery, Galliano captured the traditional look with the right twist of high fashion creating a chic and new take on the often dowdy folk dresses of Russian villagers residing in the Balkan Mountains. This is one collection that I would snap up in its entirety and wear day and night while drinking tea from the samovar.

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John Galliano never ceases to amaze me. So many wonderful creations from a man that could be mistaken for your neighborhood eccentric on a bike decorated with junk. But see, that is what makes Galliano’s designs  so cutting edge and fresh, everything he touches has a flair of punk and irony. That is why he is one of my most favorite designers of all time. He has the balls to take a classic French house like Dior and turn it upside down and gives us this. This is what fashion is about – recession or not. It’s about escaping and dreaming of this world of full ball gown skirts, meticulous embroidery and color fit for any storybook tale. Galliano was inspired by Flemish ( Belgium) and Dutch (The Netherlands) arts this season, most apparent in the embroidery and patterns at the bottom of the skirts. Voluminous sleeves and skirts dominated the collection, bringing evoking thoughts of a fairy tale princess. Bravo, Monsieur Galliano!

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Usually, Armani (in my eyes) designs clothes for the mature woman or ‘Maudes’, as I like to call them. But, amazingly, Armai Privé couture 2009 proved my ass wrong! I would absolutely wear any of the ensembles above. It’s reminiscent of  ‘1930s Shanghai’ , a classic time in fashion that also echoed the economic hard times that we are experiencing now. Is that by coincidence or is that the evolution of fashion? Looking at styles from the depression, fashion was a sure escapism for everyday struggles. Besides the reference to the 1930s, I saw a sort of hommage to Dior  Couture a few seasons ago. The strong, whimsical shoulders and the asian prints in particular. But, as I always say ‘great minds think alike’ and in this case Galliano was surely on Armani’s mind. That being said, I would order the entire collection if I could!

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British Milliner, Stephen Jones , designed this fugly hat that was in John Galliano’s Spring 2009 collection. I’m confused as to what this is exactly. So, I see the flower… is that chicken wire??… and is that Waldo’s scarf( I know he doesn’t wear a scarf- but it looks like he would wear this one)? 

I dunno, but I usually love clever hats, but this one is not cool. Speaking of chicken wire, I’m glad Prop 2 in California passed- the one for banning animal cruelty on farms. Having said that, I’m craving El Pollo Loco. For everyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking  , click here. I used to make fun of the place when I first moved to California, then I I was forced to eat there one day – and I liked it! 

Back to hats, I like hats with feathers on it the most. 

photo: Hat-inator

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