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Before I say anything, that is some serious hair! I bet it feels cozy being under that hair, like when we made forts out of bedsheets draped over the couches, anchored by stuffed animals when we were four. My fort was fancy, though. I used pipe cleaners and play-dough as a makeshift chandelier. And I had my tortured Barbies as my ladies in waiting. Anyway…Junya Wantanbe is notorious for bringing on the fupe. Usually, when you enter fupe territory, you also enter FUG territory. However, this collection was more FUG than fupe. It looked like remnants of  costumes from Destiny Child’s ‘Survivor‘ video circa 2001- hair weave and all. Can you believe that was 10 years ago? I think it’s time I switched to Sanka and tapioca.

Happy April Fools!

april-fool-cat-1 This cat has no idea what I put in his water bowl, yet.

photos: Style

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When I first saw these pictures, I thought, ‘That is some Lemony Snickett / Slash BS’ .  Then, I read that it was from the So-en Fashion Contest for young designers at the Bunka Fashion College, and so all was oaky with me because  apparently Yohji Yamamoto and Junya Watanabe went to school there, so it means their legit and high fashion and stuff. I like how the bones are ‘protruding’ – Genius! I also like the hunchback – that is so in right now!  I’m gonna stop the whole calcium thing so I get that hunchback for next season. 

olafchair slash

photo: Diane Pernet and Yahoo Movies and ZMEMusic

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Junya Wantanbe’s Spring 2009 collection was a mix of East Village crazy homeless meets an African villager. The only thing missing was the Basmati Rice Bag handbag and petruli. I’m not really a fan of this collection, but I get what Junya is trying to do. I’m glad she didn’t go all black like she usually does. So, this collection is really a step out of her box.  But, with that said , I must file this under hellafug…. , but I give her credit for trying. We’ll hang this right on the fridge, Junya. 

photo: style

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