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 German designers, SILVIA HILLMANN and KATRIN WIENS,  of Pepper & Pistol have released their Fall 2009 collection with heavy influences from Barnum & Bailey. You may say that clown chic began with Goldfrapp‘s last album, Seventh Tree, but now it continues with Pepper & Pistol’s avant- guarde  interpretation of  a circus in the 1980s. My favorite is the tutu collared Sad clown face blouse in the second photo. It looks almost like a robot clown. I totally used to put a tutu around my neck when I was like 11 and walk around thinking I’m Queen Elizabeth! I still do that. 

Anyway, even though I like the collection above, I don’t think I would wear it because people would think I’m a defect from Britney Spear’s mess of a show. Didn’t Cher do this like 6 years ago? I think Britney may have a southern twist with possums and raccoons in her show, though. 

photos: Pepper & Pistol

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