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PornStache mug cozy by  Knot workshop

Lego Keyboard by Beta Time

Knit beard hat by Poor Girl Couture

Knit heart and ovaries by An Optimistic Cynic

Sometimes I like to scroll through Etsy for stuff that are effed up someway. Take for instance the knit ovaries. Really? And then I like to see things that I contemplate ordering like the knit beard hat. It’s like super cozy and excellent for bank robbing! Seriously, though, I see a trend in the knit department- it’s like knitting is the new medium for all things kitsch. I guess anybody can knit and and you can take the project with you like on the subway sitting next to a man who is  sitting in a box.  I threw in a little lego keyboard that I thought was awesome!


PS- I would have my tea or coffee without cream when that cozy is on the mug! Just sayin’!

photos: Etsy

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File this under FUG. A designer from England , Walter Works, has decided to take everyday random junk items like pot scrubbers, old shoes, keyboards and the inside of a cassette to make clothing. I didn’t say fashionable clothing. The first photo is make from casette guts, the second, pot scubbers (copper would have been more elegant), the third , sneakers , and the last keyboards and wires (is that a pacifier?!)

This reminds me of the time when I made a purse out of a high heel. I sewed fabric around the top of the shoe and attached a red ribbon to the end of it as a strap.I wore this crap to a club one time and it doubled as weapon to keep gross guys away. But it also attracted other gross guys with shoe/foot fetishes. So, I gave that crap away to the Sal’s boutique (Salvation Army) when I moved. Somewhere in Providence , there is a homeless tramp with a shoe purse.  

Anyfug, this proves that one man’s trash is still another man’s trash. But , I give Walter an A for effort. Like the same way , I give my  young son an A for effort even though it’s completely hideous. 

photos: Walter Works UK

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