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This is definitely on my Christmas list! It’s an iPod/ iPhone dock speaker system in a steroid-size Be@rbrick. It comes in white or black  (no Pink?) and retails for about $180. If I get one, I will certainly bedazzle the hell out of it- like make it look all diamante and stuff.

Also, to get into the holiday spirit, check out these 400% Nutcracker Be@rbrick by Dr. Romanelli x Medicom Toy. This retails for about $88, which is sort of a bargain seeing it’s very large one. Brilliant work, I say!

photos: Hypebeast

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Here is an old suit I found at a thrift store years ago. It’s yellow with white teeny tiny polka-dots and it’s a light cotton. Great summer suit. I thought the original buttons were lame, so I glued on candy cabochons to the buttons! They totally livened up the suit! The popsicle pins were originally cupcake toppers ( I ate the cupcakes) that I took and put a pin the back to make a brooch. Since finding shoes to match a yellow suit is a little tough, I took a pair of cheap heels and spray painted them with Simply Spray fabric spray in yellow and then I added ice cream cone cabochons to the bow. Voila! I’m ready for the Willy Wonka tour!

*By the way, sorry for the poor quality photos- I was on the lookout for bedbugs at my hotel in NYC. Seriously!

Above is a vintage Moschino Cheap & Chic dress that is half mannequin and half suit. I wore that for a series of interviews for ‘Machete’. The little mouse pin (moosh!) is actually nibbling on a Chanel symbol. It’s one of my prized possessions.

Below is my outfit for my interviews for Jackass 3D. I decided to take along my Kidrobot buddy, Munny by Tarina Tarantiono. Isn’t he cute!?!  *Excuse my messy messy bed.

Below is an extraordinary bathtub I saw in Soho in NYC. It was in a showroom and is made of little tiny sparkling gold mosaics! The water flows from the top of the heel. That is friggin’ Epic!!! I would not only take a bath in that, but I would move into that tub! I would be the old lady that lived in a shoe and was actually clean!

Anyway, I thought I’d share these random tidbits with you- It’s good to take a break from all the fashion week stuff! Whew!

photos: Moi

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The  Series 20 Be@rbricks are here! LOVE the Ewok! I like to take Be@rbricks and make an ‘environment ‘ for them under those dome scientific glasses. Here’s one:

Don’t ask me what inspired me. Let’s just say I walked around aimlessly at a Michael’s one afternoon. If you notice, the red Be@rbrick has a Soviet flag on it, which is really rare. I had to track that bad boy down on ebay. The white and green trophy at the bottom was actually found in a Roi de Gateau during one Christmas. I almost broke my tooth on that damn thing. And so , there it is. You can see more of my madness on my etsy shop.

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Christmas is just a few days away, so I thought I’d make it easier for you and compile a list of crap I’d like to see in my stocking. Seriously though, I have so much crap that if I get more crap, I’m not gonna have room anywhere to put the crap considering I’ve got so much crap already. I’ll translate that: I don’t need anything, a gift certificate to a restaurant, spa or splendid vacation will do. So here’s the list if I had the space….

1- A Bless USB (1 GB) made from a poor Mink’s tail. It kind of looks like a computer ate a mink or  a (gorgeous) cat and all that’s left is a tail. I seriously wish it still had the ass attached still just so I could say I have a ‘cat/mink ass USB’. Sweet.

2-A hissed off kitty necklace from ShanaLogic. He looks like an old-timey professor.

3-11-Inch “Bearbell” Be@rbrick from Japanese star, Chiaki. In case didn’t know , she’s the Japanese school-girl  in Kill Bill: Volume I . Chains are her accessory. Available at Kidrobot.

4- Swearing ring by Wendy Brandes. This way I can say what’s on my mind with a flash of the knuckles and a sneer. Everybody wins!

photos: ShanaLogicKidrobot, Kingdom of Style

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dsc02922 dsc02938 dsc02957 dsc02959 dsc03126

Here are some of my favorite photos from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. I always get excited going to Comic-Con , mainly because I love to see everyone’s fupe outfits. Although, I do enjoy the designer vinyl toy shops like, KidRobot, Giant Robot and Munky King. See tomorrow’s post for cool, collectible dolls unveiled at Comic-Con.

Until then…..Enjoy!

and here I am! (dressed for the Tim Burton “Alice in Wonderland” press conference!)


PS- I NEED this !

dsc02904 from Munky King

photos: Me!

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4500_98541358768_34170123768_1812705_2336347_n pneumaticanatomicabob redirect1microschematicbook_large

So, my brother referred me to this site that called Moist Productions. They have the coolest art by former Toy designer, Jason Freeny. I love how you can see their insides, because they are like you and me! I think I saw something like this at Colette. I wonder if it’s the same dude….hmmm. I collect Be@rbricks, but the Quee are cute , too. Yeah, I switched from Barbie dolls to Be@rbricks overnight after I was running out of space in my house. I need to collect something, so might as well be something compact, right? Anyway, Check out Freeny’s site for more cool art that I was not able to capture on my computer. 

photos: moist productions

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I am a huge fan of the sticky stuff you put on your iPhone or iPod to protect it. It maintains the devices sleekness, while protecting it from scratches and dings. They also come in a variety of cool designs. But my absolute favorite toy store, Kidrobot, just added LAPTOP stickies! I’ve been looking for that but the designs were super cheezy. At Kidrobot, artists like Dalek have unveiled their version of the stickies for your (and mine!) pleasure. Consider the above sold to moi! They cost about $30…. For extra super duper protection, visit Barry’s farm  for the most adorable fuzzy laptop bag ( I have one in Pink!)- the MONSTER!




photos: Kidrobot/ Barry’s farm

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