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Christmas is just a few days away, so I thought I’d make it easier for you and compile a list of crap I’d like to see in my stocking. Seriously though, I have so much crap that if I get more crap, I’m not gonna have room anywhere to put the crap considering I’ve got so much crap already. I’ll translate that: I don’t need anything, a gift certificate to a restaurant, spa or splendid vacation will do. So here’s the list if I had the space….

1- A Bless USB (1 GB) made from a poor Mink’s tail. It kind of looks like a computer ate a mink or  a (gorgeous) cat and all that’s left is a tail. I seriously wish it still had the ass attached still just so I could say I have a ‘cat/mink ass USB’. Sweet.

2-A hissed off kitty necklace from ShanaLogic. He looks like an old-timey professor.

3-11-Inch “Bearbell” Be@rbrick from Japanese star, Chiaki. In case didn’t know , she’s the Japanese school-girl  in Kill Bill: Volume I . Chains are her accessory. Available at Kidrobot.

4- Swearing ring by Wendy Brandes. This way I can say what’s on my mind with a flash of the knuckles and a sneer. Everybody wins!

photos: ShanaLogicKidrobot, Kingdom of Style

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Rei Kawakubo was in rare form this season by designing pieces  for Comme des Garçon that you can actually wear on the street and not be mistaken for a hobo. Honestly, Rei has surprised me with this collection. Granted, when you look above there is all sorts of fupeness, but if you take it piece by piece, you may be able to actually wear it in public! The veiled models walked with Geisha inspired candy colored hair. My favorite is the trompe l’oiel military jacket. It reminds me of the Moschino trench coat from Kill Bill worn by Daryl Hannah. The nude, gossamer fabrics are quite gorgeous, too. Although the plaid blanket is going the hobo way- fight it , Rei!… fight the hobo look….

photos: Style

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