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Dayum! That’s a crap load of dog tags. Artist Do-Ho Suh made this work of serious art at The Rhode island School of Design (holla!)in 2001 for an assignment regarding his identity as a Korean on the US. So clever and poignant, hundreds of military dogs tags make up a kimono large enough for Andre Leon Talley. You know he would wear it and give the stank eye to anyone who stepped on it even though it’s like half a football field big.

Anyway, you can see this at the Seattle Art Museum on permanent display, so after your ass gets a Frappuccino, haul ass to this museum ’cause this is where it’s at.

Special thanks to my fancy brother for these fancy photos taken with his fancy camera!

photos: Babak Bina


Ring in the New Year for me with a cupcake, cat in the lap, and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Special because I’ll already be in BED. After a certain age,  you just don’t give an eff. Stay safe and let’s hope our champagne is a little better than the usual Cold Duck brand!

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Fashion students from over 61 different countries competed during Tokyo Fashion Week at New Designer Fashion Grand Prix. Yuya Miura was awarded the Grand Prix prize (her looks are the top two photos).

I have to say these fashion students are sometimes better than the top designers only because they can really design what they want and not feel constrained by financiers and the pressure to sell that collection afterwards. Yay for students who don’t give an eff!

By the way, that “hat on a hood” look in the 3rd photo is the bizarro version of something I do when I roll out of bed and drop off my kid off at school.

photos: fashion 156

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