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9 h (Nainawasu) is a new capsule hotel in Kyoto, Japan that claims to be luxurious for a mouse. So, here’s the rundown:

– you get a one hour shower (uh, that’s what you call a Nazi shower! I take 2 hours eeeeaaasy! Those legs don’t shave themselves.)

-You have 7 hours to sleep ( um, cruel! Everybody needs 12-13 hours- everybody knows that, even cats.)

-One hour to get ready in the morning ( no time to hit the snooze button again and again… and again!)

And then, they boot your ass out. All for about $50- ish.

So there’s no TV, no radio, no companion, no mirror.- just you, yourself and you. This sounds like a warm mortuary for the undead.

Would you stay in a hotel like this? I think I’d have more fun sleeping at the Port Authority. Although, if I was freezing, then yes.

Photos: DesignBoom

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