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Designer Thom Browne unveiled a collection that would make an egg rejoice.  Really, though, I actually like it and appreciate the new silhouette. After seeing form-fitting hoochie -wear for a while now ( does the hooch ever go out of style? Probably not),  it’s refreshing to see that not everything is T & A. God, I sound like a friggin’ nun. Anywho, anything plaid is always cool in my book as is the fuzzy, mohair look. My favorite has to be the uptight Victorian with the cage skirt in the 6th photo. I always liked cage skirts! I think my least favorite is the third photo with the Sasquatch mid-section. It’s like a hairy arm muzzle for cold mental patients. Anywho, yay for Thom Browne for stepping a bit out of the boundaries which is always unusual during New York Fashion Week.

photos: Style

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I discovered works by Onch Movement at Los Angeles cosplay/art cafe, Royal T. Jewelry with a small slab of meat inspired by Lady Gaga’s meat dress at the MTV Music Awards are available as a bracelet or necklace. I personally wouldn’t wear this just because I think it’s sort of gross, but if you like the meat look, but don’t want to reek of rotten flesh, then this is for YOU! But if I had to wear it, I would wear it to a zoo, naturally. The crocodiles would shoot me  a “bitch, please” look. The California condors would be all like, “guuurrrl, did you NOT see ‘The Birds’?”. And the lions would be like, “Mmm, appetizer” (because I’m small and petite).

Anyway, I’d advise you not to wear this around a pitbull. Check out Onch Movement and their other stuff. I threw in a whipped cream and cherry ring for dessert.

photos: Onch Movement

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Jeremy Scott is probably the most “mainstream” avant guard you’ll get at New York’s Fashion Week. I really like him for that and I enjoyed his last collection, as well. Jeremy took those icky, but almost iconic plastic bags and cleverly turned them around into chic tank tops and dresses. I love how he changed up the “thank you” bags. I threw in one for the boysssss- “No sale is ever Final” written in blood…. awesome. Lady Gaga should have thought about this meat dress (photo 4)- at least she could have worn this for more than an hour and no e. coli- Yay!

And the bride for the straightjacket… perfect for THIS reality show. Overall, Yay! for Jeremy!!

photos: Style

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Check out the cool stuff at Paris boutique, colette, this month.

Tom Binns’ collection “NotJewelleryjewelry”  was made from found pieces so no two are alike. I’m digging the blue poodle/gun in the second photo set. Check out his other work here.
Eyeball rings by Verbal worn by Lady Gaga. 

Special edition baby shirts by  evian x colette. Because deep down, we all want to go back to being a baby. Why? Because all you do is eat, sleep and crap all day and people adore you endlessly, no matter what.

photos: colette

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These bust pendants are by Nous Sommes. Whose bust is this? Only the imitable Karl the Kaiser!… and Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga…I kind of find it hilarious that Karl the Kaiser would wear his own pendant. That’s like the most egotistical thing to do ever. He IS Karl the Kaiser , though. Recently, I was observing my cat, Mr. Marmar and pondered why I am so infatuated with him. I found he behaves similarly to Karl Lagerfeld. Here’s the breakdown:

Mr. Marmar is always calm, cool and collected. So is Karl.

Mr. MarMar doesn’t give a f*ck. So doesn’t Karl.

Mr. MarMar likes to luxuriate on a Baroque-roccoco sofa in the afternoon sun. Karl likes that, too.

Mr. Marmar is picky about his food. Karl only drinks Diet Coke, which makes him picky.

Mr. Marmar is the top kitty in the house- what he says goes. Same goes for Karl.

They both have white manes.

So basically, Karl Lagerfeld is similar to my white, fluffy Persian cat. (I know, I need to get new photos of Mr. Marmar!) I need to get a Mr. Marmar pendant made.

Mr. Marmar

photos: Refinery 29

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Belgian fashion designer Anna Heylen had made miniature versions of her fashion lines for dolls back in 1993. She recently resurrected them and can be seen at her shop in Antwerp. You can read about why she does this …blah blah blah, here. I think it’s a great idea to show your clothes on dolls. I mean you save tons of money and you don’t have to deal with bitchy or late models. Score! Anyway, I threw in some dolls of Lady Gaga made by a devoted fan while we’re on the subject. And by devoted , I mean rabbit stew and flicking lamps.


photos: Style Bubble , Trend de la Creme

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Lebanese designer Ziad Ghanem is my new favorite designer! He’s like a hybrid of Jean-Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen, but more fupe. As you may know, I love fupe couture so,this fits the bill! The stegosaurus corset may be my favorite one out the bunch. Actually, the British bunny get-up  is pretty cool, too, because I love bunnies and the Brits! I have a feeling Lady Gaga would dig Ziad.  The chain ensemble for men is pretty dope. It would be killer if it were gold because I’m tacky like that. Ziad is definitely one to watch!

photos: Ziad Ghanem

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