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After 22 years of designing, Christian Lacroix is closing its legendary design house. That sucks. Apparently, the slumping economy is to blame. I think everything is the economy’s fault. I think the endless rain in the East Coast is the economy! I think polar bears becoming cannibals are the economy’s fault. I think my cat’s spinal cord injury is because of the damn economy! The economy killed Michael Jackson! I’m getting off track, BUT if you see the economy, smack him in the face for me. I’ll stop. Anyway, wipe away your tears, because it seems like Lacroix may be making a comeback probably after the economy is done crapping on everyone! Let’s keep our fingers crossed and give the economy a laxative to just let it bottom out (no pun) faster. Sorry for the imagery.  By the way, his last wedding dress was spectacular! Long live Lacroix!

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