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These leather pieces are made by British designer Sarah Heulwen. Her collection was inspired by cancer. I don’t see it, but whatever. I think it looks pretty cool. I love when a top has sculpted boobs. I also like the arm cast. That metal thumb could do some damage. I will take one of each! Although the neck collar could accommodate a goiter, if it had to…

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photos: Wearable Art Blog

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a-good-spanking high-tea hovering-gimp in-suspense

British artist (it seems it’s always the British) Nancy Farmer has designed a series of greeting cards with Barbie doing normal things with gimps,whips, leather and latex. You know, like, hanging out listening to music with a gimp as a cocktail hostess. Or Barbie having afternoon tea on some chick’s back. Or like chaining and beating people up. You know the usual crap. I wonder what holiday or occasion these greeting cards would be perfect for…. how about “Happy Birthday ” to my overpaid Dominatrix? Or “A little thank you note for taking care of my gimp while I went away”. Or “how about a Tea Party?! You bring the the tea, I’ll bring the table.. and gimp”. It’s pretty endless! On a side note, I dig Barbie’s goth makeup.

PS- These are the more tame photos I posted.

photos: Trende de la Creme

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Award -winning artist Ùna Burke has fashioned flesh-toned leather into a magnificent work of art ‘depicting a series of eight human gestures associated with the cause, the physical and psychological effect and the healing stages of human trauma.’ I’ll give you eight human gestures of human annoyance! You only need your hands. Anyway, I have a medical corset that I was given to me by my in-laws. It belonged to my grandmother-in-law (RIP). It looks kind of like this, but in flesh-toned, peachy fabric fabric. I wear it with silky, peachy pantaloons and it looks pretty damn cool if I say so myself. ‘Myself’ is the key word. Anyway, check out Una Burke’s traveling exhibit. I’m curious to see the 8 human gestures of human trauma.

Photos: Fashion Indie

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jones-gloves3-381x540 jones-gloves2-540x503

London based Dominic Jones designed these leather gloves with gold ‘ fingernails’ attached. This is great, since gloves totally cover up your manicure. With these gloves, you may never have to get a manicure again (at least in the winter). I remember when I used have fake nails like a Long Island housewife done by the local Korean nail salon. It was an hour of agony with all the fumes and the stuff. I stopped after 5 years.  Now I have natural nails. I sometimes miss fake nails for the following reasons:

-my cats amusement as a used to tap by nails together to beckon them

-being able to scatch, like really scratch!

-setting my clock without the use of a coin

-scratching a scratch ticket without a coin or key

-picking up dead insects without really touching it

-having my finger sparkle while I flip the bird ( especially useful while driving on a sunny day)

That being said- I totally want these gloves!

photos: High Snobette

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Lacoste presents a collection of shoes by architect, Zaha Hadid. The shoes are crafted from Italian calf leather. “Wrapped around the foot, these shoes adapt in an ergonomic way to the shapes of the body” explains Zaha Hadid. Hadid has designed many  buildings and bridges, including a BMW plant in Germany. Anybody who does anything with BMW is good in my book. I like how these shoes have no laces or velcro. They’re like toddler shoes. I made the mistake of getting my son shoes with laces when he was 1.5- 2 years old. What a pain! I’ve wised up and got him velcro ones that he can put on by himself. I save about 30 minutes a day. Although, now I have to entertain him during that extra 30 minutes a day.

Limited edition of 850 pairs, exclusive to Colette starting July 20.

photos: Colette

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1 2 3-1 3 wings-4

Sometimes on Teacups and Couture, I have to mix it up for my street peeps with street fashion. This falls under street fashion /border line Hot Topic (eeek)/ Dungeons and Dragons. But , I had to blog about this because I find this strange and unique and they are made from leather , NOT PVC, thankfully. The claws I can do without, too costumey and can’t access your metro/credit cards while you’re in line at the supermarket. The creature backpack would be cool if it was in hot pink. Pink always tones down the depression/seriousness in anything, including guns. I like how the creature vomits out your cell phone. Niiiiiice.  And the last photo are leather batwings. A must for any goth looking to get pat down at security before entering any federal/state building. 

I must confess I used to read those Choose your own adventure books by Dungeons and Dragons when I was a kid. Revolt of the Dwarves was my Fave. I used to skip to the end and read backwards. Then I grew out of that and started reading Judy Blume crap

photos: Bob Basset

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