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You know what I like when I see a stuffy suit ? A touch of cool and unusual here and there whether it be in the cufflinks or tie/bowtie or in a punky haircut or something. As long as they don’t look like a used car salesman, I’m good.  So, boys….. check out Retro Classy Cufflinks for cool cufflinks that can make the worst suit look awesome! My son would go ape sh*t for the Star Wars legos. Speaking of, we had a Star Wars marathon at the house, which entailed of every damn star wars movie there ever was, homemade Star Wars gingerbread cookies, and of course, putting together a Star Wars lego battleship. It was pretty intense.  By the way, Ewoks RULE! Miss Darcheen has some Ewok in her,  methinks:


photos: Retro Classy Cufflinks


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LunaBlocks has taken a childhood delight and made it into an interior decorator’s nightmare! Seriously, every interior decorator I meet wants to transform every place into a Z Gallerie showroom. Ugh. The best part of these blocks is that you can make your own combinations to make the furniture of your childhood dreams! Each brick is about $20, so it’s not that cheap, but still well worth it if you have a passion for Legos. I like the tables the best and I would make all the bricks pink and black for a Barbie boudoir effect! 

photos: If It’s Hip, It’s here

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Here are some stuff I found while cruising the vast void of the internet. Seriously, the more I dig, the more I can’t stop! I need an intervention and Mr. Marmar’s not gonna do it!
-So the first photo is a watermelon cooler/carrier from Japan. I can’t really say much more except that those Japanese never overlook a damn thing! If it were me, I’d ditch the watermelon and put my cat or kid in it on a really hot day. I think they’d appreciate that.
-A lightbulb idea came to Swedish designer Eric Therner (I’ll show my way out)… A lightbulb in the shape of a diamond! Who thought you need a huge chandelier to be all fancy-like when you can just do it with a single bulb? I love when everyday objects are fiddled with for the cooler.
Pinky Diablo ‘s skull spoons are probably just for looking at. But still damn cool! I can see my son persuading me to give him his medicine in that spoon- tricky little boy!
-These Lego Headphones were made by someone who’s crazy about Legos. If you have the time, you too can make them. Follow the link to the instructions, but you’re gonna have to swipe some of your kids’ legos. Good luck with that. I like that you can add blocks whenever and wherever you want. They need to make lego bows.
Voila! Hope that starts your week off right!

photos: BBC Ice Cream, instructables

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Check out this Munchausen LEGO Kitchen! It’s fantastic if you really really love Legos. So, this table is just a regular Ikea table with over 20,000 legos on it. I can just imagine grime getting into the crevices of the legos. It could end up being really gross, especially if you’re making fish or chicken or something. It could be a haven for salmonella. I’m sorry, I have a germ phobia and it’s showing through right now. Ignore me. Anyway, check out the video below to see how its done. If the video was going in real time, it would be like watching grass grow. But, thankfully, they sped it up. This would be a great DIY project for a kid’s room.

Click Here to see it.

photos: Cote Maison

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You may remember Sebastian Errazuriz  as the designer that designed a teddy bear coat that I loved. He has come up with yet another awesome piece- a lego motorcycle helmet! Now you can ride through the city looking like a little lego man! If I rode a motorcycle I would get one , but in pink so people wouldn’t think I’m a dude.  You know what would be even more awesome? If the helmet itself was made out of legos! Although, if you got in an accident, all the lego bricks would break apart and just leave you with a bloody head. Not good.  

PS- If you go to his website, check out the dude covered in band aids! He’s hairy , too! Holy Wax!

photo: Trends now

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Emiko Oye has designed jewelry with legos. Before I say anything, I want to let you know that I have a lego bracelet from Shana Logic that I bought for $18 about 5 years ago. $18! That was a super deal!

Oye has produced  a more upscale version with precious metals or not. 

Her latest collection,”My First Royal Jewels,” (made entirely from recycled LEGOS)  just finished a four month exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Craft + Design). Those are the necklaces in the first two photos. In my opinion, even though I am a huge Lego fan , I find the above hella fug. It looks like a locator device from a mothership and not in a cool way. Lucky for us they are not for sale. The third photo is a bracelet that is for sale. Check out her site if you want to see other lego designs, including earrings and necklaces. 

** For all the Mommy’s-I wash my son’s legos alone in the dishwasher – it washes the gross away and it totally works!**

photos: Trend De LA Creme

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I just discovered my new favorite store via The New York Times. It’s Fred Flare! they just opened a store front in addition to their web store at:

131 Meserole Ave at Leonard Street
Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11222, 718-349-1257
(a couple blocks north from the Nassau Ave stop on the G train)

You need to know this because they have goodies like an RD-D2 back pack and a Lego sound system for your ipod! They’re prices are hella cheap at $65 for the most raddest backpack eva and the most awesome mini  sound system eva for $25! Do you need a burger phone , like the one in ‘Juno‘? It’s $26! A mixed Tape USB flash drive ? $18! Thank you Fred Flare for making cool stuff affordable again! 

photo: Fred Flare

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